Thanksgiving…Thankful and Blessed

This Thanksgiving I feel so thankful for all the wonderful family and friends in my life. I am thankful to be close to most of them now and in a wonderful area to raise my boys. It has been a year of change (although isn’t every year?) and I will be missing my Grandfather this Holiday season, but I am thankful he is no longer in pain and depressed but up in heaven. I am blessed everyday with my wonderful boys and hubby. Sometimes I wonder when I am going to wake up from the dream because I certainly do not deserve them. I am thankful to be able to host a big family Thanksgiving this year. I love to host parties and I am just beyond excited. I have the decorations set, menu planned and boys outfits picked out 😉 … always important to me. I hope everyone is as excited as me to get all together. Family is everything.

I did a little mini trial of my place settings to make sure my chalkboard placemat craft looked as cute as the idea in my mind. I can’t wait to see it all together now. I thought I’d share some of the pics and a few other Thanksgiving ideas that I love. (I did forget to put silverware in my mini trial but you guys get the idea)IMG_8948I used these placemats I found on amazon and these chalkboard markers also from amazon to design the placemat boarder. IMG_8950IMG_8953IMG_8957Simple, easy and cute!

Here are a few of my favorite Thanksgiving ideas I have seen that I maybe planning on doing as well.

This Thankful Tree decoration.5213117410_789aba8b48_o

This incredible looking appetizer tray.1448293915-cdc346866f73dbc781c27cf0933cabae

and this boy’s Thanksgiving tee.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving and a chance to reflect on all we have to be thankful for. Until next week, XOXO.

Thanksgiving Inspiration

I am getting very excited for Thanksgiving next week. I have gotten the meal all planned and I think I will try brining a Turkey this year. I have read that it makes a super tender and delicious turkey, so we shall see. How to Brine a Turkey . I will also be making a pecan and pumpkin pie. Pretty traditional, but I love making pies. There are not to many excuses to make pies so I have to get my fill when the opportunity arises. (Or be like 600 lbs :-/ )

 I thought I would share a quick post about my Thanksgiving table this year. I wanted some cute place settings that were unique without buying a whole new set. So I found various mismatch salad plates to add a bit of a fall touch. It is super easy to find and to do on your own. I like that it makes the festive dinner set easy to expand if we get more people coming years down the road.

2015-11-19 13.45.59

Last year my husband helped make this centerpiece box. It is so fun to change out the box for each holiday. Here is how we did it. Thanksgiving Tablescape2015-11-19 13.47.182015-11-19 13.48.062015-11-19 13.49.392015-11-19 13.49.172015-11-19 13.48.222015-11-19 13.50.342015-11-19 13.48.382015-11-19 13.50.052015-11-19 13.48.462015-11-19 13.50.252015-11-19 13.50.582015-11-19 13.54.412015-11-19 13.54.53

Here is my little dessert table decorations. I can’t wait for the pies to be on here! YUM!2015-11-19 13.51.51

Hope you all have a very wonderful Thanksgiving and remember to be Thankful for all you have.  Until next week, XOXO.

Is This The Hill You Are Willing To Die On?

This is not my typical post but I really wanted to share some of my thoughts this week. This is the first time I have done a post like this so here goes…

Lately it seems that there is a lot of negativity going around over pretty minor issues when you look at the grand scheme. I had been feeling pretty down and being negative myself. I was pretty bummed I could not join some of my bffs up at Purdue homecoming this past weekend and I cannot come up for another bff’s baby shower this coming weekend. (and she is having twin boys!! I am so excited for her!) Once you are far enough away that its no longer doable in a car for a few hours, it becomes much more pricey and difficult to arrange for little trips like those. 😦 And on top of a few more complaints I will not go into, I have gotten soooo bored of the hot and humid Tampa weather. I miss fall. It is such a pretty season. Those perfect football weather days where it is 54 degrees and sunny, and you get to wear jeans and comfy hoodies, and not to be forgotten, cute boots! I miss those days.

Then I read this in the news…

Joey is at Peace

After I wiped away the tears, all I could think was what I would do in that situation. Would I be able to feel at peace? It has to be one of the worst situations I can possibly imagine. How would I be able to say goodbye to my husband and son? How could I feel at peace knowing I would miss watching my son grow into a man? Joey has to be one of the strongest people ever! Those things that seemed so terrible before really aren’t that bad now. Maybe the weather is boring and hot, but at least I get to spend everyday with my husband and son. Instead of complaining I am going to continue make the most out of everyday and be positive.

My mom likes to say “Is this the hill you are willing to die on?” We use it to refer to things like fighting over a shirt or leaving the toilet seat up. Usually, you look at your little problem and realize it is not worth the battle. It is just a minor annoyance. I think more people need to look at life that way. I saw that some people are upset about Starbucks cups and others are upset that the first people are upset. REALLY?? I doubt a cup is going to make a difference one way or the other. Other people are upset about seemingly more major issues, but if you were in Joey’s situation, wouldn’t you want to have that time you wasted worrying and complaining back? Wouldn’t you just want to cuddle with your baby? Maybe instead of worrying if a red cup is taking the CHRIST out of Christmas, you should pay for the next person’s coffee instead. They may really need it. Maybe instead of worrying about the people worrying about the cups, you should go donate to people who really need it.  Maybe instead of complaining about your job, you realize you are very thankful that you have one no matter how much it seems like purgatory. And if it comes down to it, ask yourself, “Is this red cup the hill I am willing to die on?”

I know I have a lot to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving season and I am going to work on being more positive and spreading happiness instead of negativity. 🙂 I hope I have inspired at least one other person to spread positivity! 🙂 Until next week, XOXO.

Thanksgiving Tablescape

With only a couple weeks until Thanksgiving, I know many of you are thinking of cute decorating idea especially for your dinner table. I had a Thanksgiving table vision last month and of course came up with a project. I wanted to make a rustic box to put on my dinning room table and fill it with candles, pumpkins, gourds, and leaves. I first drafted the help of my husband to assist me with building the box itself. I was not sure where to find “distressed” wood, so we bought some rough cedar from Home Depot and distressed the wood ourselves.

Step 1. Cut all the pieces to your desired size. I did 7 1/2 inches x 3 feet. I had my husband do the cutting for me this time.



Step 2. Assembly. We just nailed the pieces together since I was going for a rustic look and imperfections only added to the overall effect. I also left the bottom open to make the project easier. Since it will be sitting on a table, not having a bottom, does not ruin the look.


Step 3. Wood distressing. We created a mixture of nails and vinegar in a glass jar and let it set for a few days. We were actually going to make this on October 5th but I went into labor. So our nails actually sat in the vinegar for a couple weeks. The vinegar and nails create a chemical reaction with the wood to make the distressed finish. I just took a normal paint brush and brushed on a single coat and let it dry.




Lastly comes the decorating part. I used some moss, various sized candles and candle holders, and some leaf garlands. I wanted to put some small pumpkins and gourds in the display but I could not find any after Halloween.


I had a little help from Tiny cat.



I added some place settings to the table for the full effect.


Make sure you always have some great shop helpers with you…2014-11-016


Jacob was really happy to help use power tools for the first time in his life!

We celebrated an early Thanksgiving with family this weekend and the decorations where a huge hit! Happy early Thanksgiving from our family to your family!