18 Months: Liam Edition

OMG! How is my little baby already 18 months old??!! Time really does fly by faster and faster. My littlest little man loves running and laughing. He’s not much of a talker yet. Although, he randomly surprises us with full sentences every once in a while saying things like “What are you doing Dad?” or “Read this!”. He isn’t a fan of snow and cold so he is happy its getting warmer. He can be pretty independant already but in the same breath can be soooo clingy to me… he’s still my little baby. He is kind and loves his animals. He loves giving sloppy kisses and wrestling with his brother. The wrestling drives me crazy and I am always worried someone is going to get hurt but they are usually laughing so hard. He is a very very picky eater and can some how create energy from nothing… Not sure how he’s growing so much. He loves making driving noises for cars, trucks, chicken nuggets and many more. He loves his big brother and everything he does. We just love seeing who he’s becoming every day. IMG_9825IMG_9833IMG_9863IMG_9837IMG_9841IMG_9844IMG_9873IMG_9883IMG_9885IMG_9891IMG_9903There is something super comfy about wearing distressed flared denim and a thermal for spring time. I like to mix up the straight leg with flared leg sometimes. A bit of a throw back style for the unpredictable temperatures of Spring time in Indiana. And they make running after boys look cute without having to wear leggings all the time. I really love flared denim! 🙂 Just a little mommy style to throw in because it is just something I enjoy and want to do more posts about.

Happy half birthday Liam! Hope you all have a great Friday and rest of the week. Until next week, XOXO.

Boy Mom Life: A day in the life

Happy Friday everyone! I have a few fun new posts that I have coming up for you all but this week, we had a random 70 degree day and my boys and I just basically took the day off to be outside, doing outside things. I just wanted to share a little bit from our outdoor adventures this week. Sometimes you just have to do that. What is life, if you can’t enjoy it and the people who mean the most to you. Anyway I was thinking the whole time about how funny it is that I have always been a pretty girly girl and here I am covered in mud, stomping in puddles with my little boys and loving it.
















Give me all the muddy hands … I am pretty sure that is boy language for love.


I was the only mom at swimming lessons that actually had mud on her Hunter boots too. Sorry but not sorry. They are super handy, and easy to clean while still being stylish boots.



Incase you might be thinking I just let the boys play in the mud for a blog photoshoot… I just took these pics this afternoon while we were all outside. They turned out so cute and fit so nicely with what I already had written, that I hurried up and edited them so I could add them really quick. Here you go… EVEN BIGGER puddle! 20180223_13002320180223_13003820180223_13004520180223_13005120180223_13013720180223_13013820180223_130146(0)20180223_13014720180223_13021120180223_13021320180223_13021720180223_13024820180223_13030820180223_130345(0)20180223_130346_00120180223_13034620180223_13055420180223_131009(0)20180223_131010

I thought to help maintain my fun girly side, I would share a few cute things I am currently stalking/sitting in my online shopping carts right now.

  • Waiting for these sneakers to come back in stock in my size. I love anything pink.
  • Thinking of trying this Bra. I have read good things about it. Has anyone else tried it yet?
  • Can I please have one of everything? The new Lilly Pulitzer swim is just too cute!
  • Waiting for these Jeans to come back in stock in my size.
  • This for my little guy and this for my bigger little guy while thinking of upcoming Easter. And this splurge or this or even this if I had a little girl. I sometimes just look and daydream. 🙂

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Try to stay dry and mud free unless you live the boy life 😉 Until next week, XOXO

Easter/Spring Decorating

The first of March requires some Spring cheer! Many of my friends and family are up North where the weather is still cold and snowy, so here is some fun Spring decorating and wreath crafting for today’s post to help beat those winter blues.

It was Jake man’s nap time… let the crafting begin!


I always love to make a festive tablescape so here is what I created for this Easter season. I used my rustic box my husband and I made a few posts ago. Rustic Box DIY





^Jake man’s Easter basket (at least the beginning). We will need to get some candy for mom and dad to eat.^

And of course, my wreath for the front door. I wanted something Springy, so I can have it up longer than just until Easter.



Just for some extra Friday cuteness, one of my favorite pictures from Jake man’s 5 month pictures I took. I think its time to do some camera research because I am starting to really enjoy some Photography, especially with such cute models!

5 months5

Until next week, XOXO.

Playing Outside








A few weeks ago we took some pictures while playing outside. I was enjoying playing with some photography and photo editing. Jake man was less than thrilled about taking more pictures.

Today it got down to 32 degrees and people of Florida are freaking out! It really cracks me up how bundled up people are today. (Once the sun came out, it warmed up to 50) I am just happy I get to wear my puffy vest and Uggs. I thought I would share some of my warmer weather pictures on this chilly day. Everyone can look forward to spring soon! 

Spring Baby Boy Favorites

Down here in Florida, it seems to already be time for Spring. Little Jake man needs to dress accordingly now. I thought I’d share some of my favorite clothing to dress him in since clothing is something I love. He loves his cargo shorts and t-shirt look just like dad.

His shirt is from Baby Gap and shorts from Old Navy. I just love Baby Gap for little boys clothes!



Although, the shirt and pants outfit looks really cute, the shirts ride up on him all the time since I am always picking him up. I have found little rompers (aka sun suits) are some of my favorite outfits for him to wear. They are very comfortable for him and still look really cute. He loves them and they are super convenient for diaper changes. He also loves footed jammies which are so adorable. Here are a few of my favorites right now.


1. Carter’s Plaid Romper

2. Kind of The Castle Sweatshirt

3. Marled Hooded Romper

4. Hickory Stripe Denim Shortalls

5. Polo Romper

6. Dino Sleep and Play

Aren’t little boys so much fun to shop for??

Our Schedule

This past Sunday, I crossed over the big 30 hump. Yep, Happy Belated Birthday to me. I am feeling pretty good about it since I am healthy and I took this non-makeup selfie…


and realized I look about 12 in it. Jake is giving me some attitude too. As you can probably assume from our Sunday playoff attire, we were pretty sad about the outcome of the game. Next year is our year!

It’s still pretty hard to get much painting done. In between Jakes feeding schedule,

7:30am : wake up feed

9ish am : nap time (sometimes)

10:30am: 2nd breakfast

11ish : nap time (longer if no 9 naptime)

1:30-2ish: Lunch

4:30-5ish: Dinner

(There is usually a short afternoon nap somewhere between Lunch and Bedtime)

7:30-8ish: Bedtime feeding/Bedtime routine

Chores and errands are usually done during the nap times since right now he pretty much needs me to entertain him. Nap times can range from 30 min -2 hours. Usually short if I really want to get something done. So between taking care of Jake man and the household; painting has taken a back seat for a bit. Its ok because I think it is super important to give Jake all the attention he needs. Being a Stay and Home Mom is great for us.

Now that football season is over, I think I will encourage Sunday father and son time so that I can have some painting time for myself. I have gotten my next project canvas about prepped for painting.


Down here in Florida, it is like spring. Not sure were winter went this year (oh yeah, there is no winter in Florida). I am still that one person that misses the snow. We had some fun playing outside and looking at all the pretty flowers that have started blooming. I had some fun with my camera. A few of these pictures would make some cool paintings!! The ideas are flowing…




And of course while playing outside, Emma dog comes carrying a pool skimmer basket. Not sure how or where she found it, but she was super happy about it. Love her doggy smile!