Liam is One!

It has been the fastest year of my life! How is this little guy already turning one?!! We have quite alot going on right now so Liam’s Wild One birthday party is going be a little later. We did have a little party with just us because I did not want him to feel forgotten about. He’s my wild, curious, climbing, walking, laughing, clapping, temper tantrum throwing, sneaky mister. Happy First Birthday baby Liam!

I wanted to share his monthly photos over the past year. He’s grown and changed so much.





Now it really starts getting hard to continue the laying down pictures…

IMG_8791Here are a few from our mini Birthday celebration. He was not into the smash cake at all but he was tired from everything going on lately.IMG_8799IMG_8824IMG_8804IMG_8821IMG_8820Jake did his best to help show Liam how to properly smash and eat the Birthday cake. IMG_8819IMG_8823IMG_8827

I cannot wait to have a big birthday party for both the boys and invite all our friends! Until next week, XOXO.

6 Months

I remember the first year going by as fast as a blink of an eye… and I think its going even faster this time, if thats even possible! How is this little man already 6 months old?? This week I was going through pictures to print and hang on my picture wall as well as trying to get my millions of pictures more organized in files. So many memories to look back on. I am sure there are people who think I post way to many photos but I know one day my little boys will have a wonderful time looking back through this blog. Its a prefect little glimpse into the past. Anyway looking back at Liam’s first 6 months pictures and I cannot believe how much he’s already grown and changed. Little guys just change and grow sooo much the first year that its hard to believe. I am so glad I have taken the time to take these pictures and can’t wait to see what the next 6 months bring.

I have to remember that he is just little for a very short time, that way I don’t feel guilty that he doesn’t know how to drink out of any bottle or training cup. I feel like sometimes let myself feel bad when we go do things and I have to stop to breastfeed him. But 99% of the time it works best for us and I do enjoy our little bonding time. Soon little Liam will be like his big brother and just want to do whatever Dad is doing and I won’t be as important.

Until next week…XOXO…DON’T BLINK!

A Big First Year

My baby boy turns 1 year old on Monday. This has been the fastest year of my life! I am so blessed to be Jake’s mommy. It is so much fun looking back over his monthly block pictures I took. Seeing how much he has grown this past year. You can tell I got a professional camera 6 months in, so they don’t all match exactly, but I still love them all. I especially love how each photo captures new learned skills and his developing personality each month.


3-4months5-6months7-8 months

^8 months he would not leave the blocks alone.^

9-10 months

2015-09-07 08.09.14

2015-09-07 08.19.21

^So excited he learned to walk!^

And then Monthly Pictures with his Emma dog! It has been so exciting watching these two become friends and learn about each other this first year. They have many years of getting into trouble ahead of them.

1-2months Emma

3-4 months emma

5-6months emma

7-8months emma

9-10 months emma

2015-09-07 08.12.422

I can’t wait to do some Birthday pictures and one year family pictures this weekend. We will be doing some birthday puppy pawwtying 🙂 this weekend. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend as well!

Until next week, XOXO.