Valentine’s Day Outfits: Toddler Boy Style

Just a little glimpse into behind the pictures type post today. I had gotten the boys and I cute Valentine’s Day shirts and wanted to share some pictures of us wearing them with you all. Of course, after I get a little photo backdrop set up and camera ready to go, Jake only wanted to wear his firetruck shirt. I had to bribe him to even wear his heartbreaker shirt. My hubby had gotten me a remote for my camera to help me take better tripod pictures, so as I am sure you can tell from the photos, Jake then only wanted to push the camera button. And he was mesmerized by it. haha. Anyway, thats real life.

Liam’s cute doggy Valentine’s shirt is an old hand me down from Jake. I got Jake’s Heartbreaker Tee from the Gap. I thought it was something fitting for Valentine’s Day but would work any other day as well. I found this anatomically correct heart sweatshirt on amazon for myself and I thought it was just too perfect. IMG_9774IMG_9775IMG_9778IMG_9779^OBSESSED with the camera remote!^

He’s so mesmerized by it and would not let anyone else push the button. haha. At least he did a pretty good job. IMG_9800IMG_9784IMG_9785

Boy mom life seems to always end in my boys getting rowdy… no exception here.


At least my only little girl Emma is always up for kisses and cuteness. ❤


Next week we plan on making some cute heart shaped cookies and some special Valentines for our friends. I got them their own special Valentine’s Day chocolates to surprise them next week too. I can’t wait to see their excited faces. What are all your Valentine’s Day plans? I hope they are good ones! Until next week, XOXO.

Mom Hair Inspo and Thoughts

This week I have been so busy. Liam is cutting teeth again and isn’t sleeping well. I hope he gets done soon. I’m new to this teeth issue. Jake’s didn’t seem to bother him at all. At least Liam is happy during the day. Just has a bit of trouble going back to sleep when he wakes up in the middle of the night. But really this week I feel like we’ve just been running around everywhere! I have several projects I have been trying to work on but I really haven’t found a good balance of when to get them done yet. One day this week Liam randomly didn’t take his nap and now today Jake isn’t napping. And now on top of the boys and the animals to take care of, it’s also been sooo dry down here that a bunch of our trees are dying and we have to make sure to water them all the time. SOOO much stuff right now!

I think alot of time most everyone thinks I am a crazy stressed out person who needs a break. Actually I love staying home and taking care of everyone… well I could really care less about the trees. I am not normally crazy either, it is just hard when people question what I do or try to confuse me. And I do get stressed out but not usually from the boys; I get myself stressed out about what other people think of me. I have a hard time and worry that everyone thinks I am a crazy bad mom who doesn’t do the right things for my kids. I also know I am not the only mama that worries about these things and with Mother’s Day approaching, make sure to tell mama’s you know how much you appreciate what they do and that they are doing a good job. I know it will mean tons to anyone.

But since I didn’t work on any projects to post about. I thought I’d share some hair inspo with you all. I don’t like to just wear leggings or yoga pants and top knots all the time. I do enjoy staying up to date with fashion and looking good. That is something important to myself and goes a long way to make me feel good. I spent my tiny naptime break yesterday searching pinterest for hair ideas. Some of these I have actually tried in some way or another and are pretty easy to do.

and here were some tutorials on how to do some easy mom friendly hair styles. As you can see I love the braid option especially since it’s so hot down here.


I have tried a simpler version of this Pull thru braid and I just love the look of it. It really doesn’t take too long to do and give your side braid or pigtail braids a nice full look!

I also like this Braid into ponytail too. It is harder for me to do and mine never turns out quite as good as hers. But I still like the look and its just adds a little bit to a boring ponytail.

Here are some pics of different times I’ve tried these various styles and other fun braids.

And not to forget the classic mom go to top knot or messy bun or pony. I’ve tried to make mine not so lazy looking as well. Heres a few different tries.

Anyway just sharing a few of my go to mom hair styles and maybe inspiring a few of you to try them as well! Until next week, I’ll be enjoying mom life. XOXO.


We spend a ton of time driving the Little Blue Truck all around the driveway and sidewalks around the house. We got Jake the Little Tikes Cozy Truck for his first birthday and he just loves it. If anyone is struggling for a first bday idea, I highly recommend the truck or the coupe from Little Tikes. Super durable too! It has worked out perfectly since The Little Blue Truck books are some of his most favorite books. “Mama! I want to go drive my Little Blue Truck!”

For little guys, we have quite the small car and bike road ways. I always think it would be funny to see our little parade and I decided to set the timer on my camera and capture it. Randomly, it was not going well but my hubby showed up and snapped a few pics for me. I am glad whenever I get to see pictures of me with the boys too. Since I enjoy taking photos, I am rarely in my own pictures and they usually don’t turn out as nice as they would if I had taken them. A bit of a photographer’s dilemma. Well anyway here are a few pics of our Little Blue Truck Parade… I especially like this first one because we got Emma dog in it too. She will follow or led Jake anywhere!

2017-03-30 17.08.2220170330_17110820170330_1711182017-03-30 17.05.03

And just for some extra fun are a couple more snaps of the boys and I at St. Petersburg Sunken Gardens. They were really not into pictures.


I am still working on a few new projects but we just returned from a little vacation up north to visit family. One day it will be nice to see family more often and then actually get a chance to travel to new places on vacation!

Until next week, XOXO!

Breastfeeding Momma

Before having a baby, there were things I always said I would or not do. I always said I would not breastfeed after my baby got teeth. Although that is still true; (I have an almost 8 month old with no teeth) Jake, himself feels its time to wean. Weaning is way harder than I thought it would be. You just quit doing it right? I have been unprepared for the emotional attachment.

We have been very blessed with learning to breastfeed easily and have not had any issues thus far. (We had some incredibly helpful lactation nurses at the hospital.) It is, by far, way easier for us than warming a bottle and mixing formula or even pumping. Now that I am pretty much pumping all milk he drinks, I feel like all I do is pump to just barely get enough milk for his next meal. If my supply keeps going down then we will have to start some formula. Not the worst thing in the world, but it does make me feel sort of like failing when I know I haven’t.

We have been pumping for Jakes lunch and snacks for sometime now because I guess thats what you are expected to do. Back when he was about 3 months old I felt so guilty because I had the child that would just not take a bottle. He never did. We went straight to a sippy cup. I felt like a failure then because “how are you ever going to do anything on your own”. Actually now I don’t feel so bad because as fun as my old life used to be, I now love my baby so much, I like to bring him along on our adventures and do things as a family. Anyway, this week, Jake has decided his morning breastfeeding session isn’t for him anymore. He’s awake and ready to do fun stuff and breastfeeding is just not as fun. He’s been way to distracted to drink in the morning. So he now only breastfeeds before going to bed at night. I did not think I would miss it or be sad when these feeding sessions went away but I am. I suspect this very last BB (bedtime boobies) is going to be the hardest to say goodbye to.

I decided being the artsy person I am, that I would like some “beautiful artsy” breastfeeding photos to remember our bonding time by. Well that was a major failure. Jake was more interested in eating sticks or looking at the camera than eating a snack. Oh well.

2015-05-28 12.49.00

^As artsy and “capturing the moment” as we were going to get.^


^This is the realistic picture. When he was pretty young he started grabbing my nose and holding it when he ate. It was pretty funny.^

I am not saying that everyone should breastfeed and you are weird if you don’t enjoy it. I am really trying to not compare and judge other moms. I just wanted to share my experiences and feelings. Every mom does what is right for their children weather they bottle or breastfeed, cloth or disposable diapers and so on for almost everything you can think of. Why is it so hard not to compare your children to others then? Most every mom is doing the best they can and have the same worries. I think moms need more people around them to just tell them they are doing a good job. That would just go a long way to help.

Here are the cute pictures we took instead of the artsy breastfeeding pictures. I love them!

2015-05-28 12.52.29-2

2015-05-28 12.57.21-3

2015-05-28 12.57.24-2

2015-05-28 12.58.30

2015-05-28 12.58.48

I hope you all enjoyed reading about my experiences! Until next week, XOXO.