Easter Best 2018

With the promise of ice cream after, I got my little men dressed in their Easter outfits for some festive Easter pictures. I had wanted to do the photos earlier this week but last weekend we had a random snow storm (not very springy) and this week we had quite alot of rain. But today the sun popped out nicely for us to get some cute pictures. And of course we got ice cream after! They did very good and I was happy how cute the photoshoot ended up. The Art and Design District of Carmel Indiana is just such a cute place with tons more photo opportunities I can’t wait to try out.

IMG_0088IMG_0090IMG_0091-2IMG_0095IMG_0099IMG_0101IMG_0104IMG_0139IMG_0147IMG_0165-2IMG_0165IMG_0168IMG_0174IMG_0185IMG_0192IMG_0198IMG_0208IMG_0268IMG_0274IMG_0292-2The boy’s plaid shirts are from The Gap this year. I cannot resist little boys in pink 🙂 Jake’s shoes.  Liam’s shoes.  My white tee is perfect for so many different outfits, soft and not at all see through! And these shoes are actually really comfortable. My skirt is from last year but here and here and here are similar. This black version of the skirt is on sale too.

Jake is excited for the Easter bunny to bring him a basket this year as well as going to church and having Easter dinner with his Granny and his Grandpappy. Liam just likes to do whatever Jake likes. Liam does love anything that has candy involved so he will be excited. I always love seeing the look on their faces when they are sooo excited for all the different Holiday’s fun. I hope you all have a most wonderful Easter weekend.

Until next week, XOXO.

Valentine’s Day Outfits: Toddler Boy Style

Just a little glimpse into behind the pictures type post today. I had gotten the boys and I cute Valentine’s Day shirts and wanted to share some pictures of us wearing them with you all. Of course, after I get a little photo backdrop set up and camera ready to go, Jake only wanted to wear his firetruck shirt. I had to bribe him to even wear his heartbreaker shirt. My hubby had gotten me a remote for my camera to help me take better tripod pictures, so as I am sure you can tell from the photos, Jake then only wanted to push the camera button. And he was mesmerized by it. haha. Anyway, thats real life.

Liam’s cute doggy Valentine’s shirt is an old hand me down from Jake. I got Jake’s Heartbreaker Tee from the Gap. I thought it was something fitting for Valentine’s Day but would work any other day as well. I found this anatomically correct heart sweatshirt on amazon for myself and I thought it was just too perfect. IMG_9774IMG_9775IMG_9778IMG_9779^OBSESSED with the camera remote!^

He’s so mesmerized by it and would not let anyone else push the button. haha. At least he did a pretty good job. IMG_9800IMG_9784IMG_9785

Boy mom life seems to always end in my boys getting rowdy… no exception here.


At least my only little girl Emma is always up for kisses and cuteness. ❤


Next week we plan on making some cute heart shaped cookies and some special Valentines for our friends. I got them their own special Valentine’s Day chocolates to surprise them next week too. I can’t wait to see their excited faces. What are all your Valentine’s Day plans? I hope they are good ones! Until next week, XOXO.

All Seasons Orchard

While we were waiting to be able to move into our new house, we stayed with my in-laws up in northern Illinois. We took a day to go with some friends to All Seasons Orchard in Woodstock Illinois. It was fabulous. They had so many fun activities for the kiddos and us adults had a great time too. It was the perfect family day. We picked a ton of delicious apple crisp apples but unfortunately I never got around to making an apple pie or crisp because everyone ate them. I think this weekend I will just buy some from the store to make one. I have been craving it so much!20170916_10415720170916_111222^One of my bbf’s little girl. She just looked so adorable in her red dress picking apples. Makes me think of Snow White.^20170916_111503^Jake took his picking job very seriously. 🙂 ^20170916_11160920170916_11173720170916_111818Then they all discovered the apple eating!

There was ALOT of apple eating…20170916_11183920170916_11203920170916_11304420170916_11305420170916_113829And just alot more fun apple picking pictures because you all know I love pictures.



The rest of the farm had tons of fun activities, food and even a little petting zoo! I was super excited to find a pink tractor… who wouldn’t be!?20170916_13042620170916_130526The boys just love any tractor they see.20170916_11583420170916_12524020170916_12524120170916_134254^Some super super tired little men at the end of the day.^

Hope you all enjoyed my tons of Apple picking pictures. Until next week. XOXO.

Sleep Training Diary


The past 8 months, we have been having quite a bit of trouble getting baby Liam to sleep through the night. First he was a newborn then he started sleeping all night like normal… then he got sick, then he started getting teeth, then we traveled, then he got sick again, then he got more teeth and finally he just seemed to have gotten in a bad habit of not being able to put himself back to sleep. It makes it super hard when you never seem like you get a full nights sleep. So, after making sure he’s not sick or in pain from teeth and its just a middle of the night habit, we began to do some re-sleep training. I am a super light sleeper and cannot sleep if my baby is crying even if dad is helping him. So each night I lie awake watching him on the baby camera, waiting to see if he can try to put himself to sleep. I usually spend those wee hours looking at social media. That gets old and not too much updating at 2 am so I started a little diary while I was awake with my most intimate middle of the night sleep re-training thoughts.  I hope no one takes it too seriously and gets a bit of a little laugh.

Night 1. It is 3:30 am. Liam is not really crying but not really sleeping. Watching him on the camera until he falls back to sleep on his own…20 min tonight. Now he’s awake again at 5:30. Hungry. Not much to do except be awake too. Everyone else is sleeping. Im tired. 6:20 hubby offered to go watch tv with him.

Night 2. 1:30 am. Liam is doing the same thing. Lets hope faster fall asleep. Jake keeps coughing. YES! Only 15 min tonight. I hope we are making progress.  Liam woke up Jake… thank goodness he’s a good sleeper! 3am and Jake came down. I jinxed myself. I think he doesn’t feel well. 4:45am. Liam’s awake again. SOB! what a terrible night. I don’t think i’ve slept at all. I can see Liam yawning. Did I mention it’s officially Mothers Day now too. Im just going to nurse him at this point I’m too tired and the hubby is snoring anyway. 5:15… all boys asleep… maybe ill get a few hours. I really wanted to go to the beach today. (Jake had a bad dream and I was able to get enough sleep to go to the beach.)

Night 3. Holy shit! Is it really 6:00am?! Did Liam really sleep all night?! Omg I’m so happy!

Night 4. 3:30 am. Not luckily enough to have an all night repeat… damn…sadness. 15 min now…he’s getting louder not sure if I continue to let him try to go to sleep or go up there…going up there. He’s crying hard. Broke down and nursed him. Maybe he was randomly hungry. 4:08 am now and hoping to sleep until morning. Morning wake up at 6:44. Not bad except the 3:30 problem.

Night 5… it is 5:44 am. Seeing if hell fall back to sleep but he’s probably hungry. He did way better. A little early but at least he slept all night.

Night 6… 2:05 am. He’s doing his sleep whining. Waiting for him to put himself back to sleep. I just cant understand why we cant always sleep all night. ☹ Update… 2:21 am he’s looking around, rolling, standing and crying on and off. 30 minutes to fall back asleep (at least i think he is now). 2:51 am. I have no idea if I’m doing the right things to get him to sleep. Broke down and I’m downstairs rocking him. Maybe he’s got a cold like jake? Teeth? Do i give him tylenol? Ugh I’m tired frustrated and have no idea after 8 months and a kid before. The cat keeps bothering my feet now too. Ended up waking the hubby for help. I needed someone to help me figure out whats going on. Determined he’s not feeling well. Gave some meds and let him nurse. 3:43 am and I’m going back to sleep. (We concluded he had an upset/gassy tummy)

Night 7: Its 6 am!! He slept all night!


That was just the nights this past week. I am hoping we get a night 7 repeat going. 🙂 Over Mother’s Day weekend, I bribed Jake with fruit snacks to do a mommy and me photo shoot. I do really love these boys more than anything… sleep or sleepless nights included. IMG_8413IMG_8423^He discovered he loved pushing the self timer button and kept running back and forth.^


Hope you other sleepless moms out there know you are not alone. Let’s raise our Starbucks and cheers to all the hard working mama’s out there. Until next week, XOXO.

Welcome to the World Baby Liam

liam-2September 2, 2016 we welcomed our newest little Pigott into the world. Life is definitely a whole new kind of chaos now. The first night home with a newborn was a little overwhelming. It is crazy how quickly you forget about newborn babies. Now that we have had a few more days to adjust, it is getting much more manageable. Not easy by any means, but manageable.

My water broke around 4:47am on Friday morning. (I had looked at the clock when I got up to pee/check all the noise from the wind of hurricane Hermine) At first I wasn’t sure, but after a couple minutes I was pretty certain. Liam was born just a few hours later at 8:37 am. I am proud of myself being able to have another natural, no epidural birth. So now we are officially a family of four with our newest addition, Liam Schuyler, born during hurricane Hermine.

Here are just a few cell phone snaps I have taken. Working on doing my own newborn photos and editing now. I will share as soon as I finish, which might be longer than normal.


Our first official family of four photo. Not my best outfit (hospital gown; yucky!) but I love this picture.


And finally getting outside for some fresh air and playing with my TWO little boys! Trying to take in these little moments and bond with my new little man, while still making Big Brother feel special and not neglected is quite a big job. I am just hoping I am being the best mom I can be for my perfect little boys. Embracing my new level of chaotic life and loving it. Please send massive amounts of caffeine! Until next week, XOXO.

38 Weeks

I never thought I would make it this long when comparing to my first pregnancy. I am soooo ready to be done being pregnant now. I am so big, I feel as if I can barely do anything. It seems to be very true that each pregnancy is very different. That I am learning for sure! The saddest pregnancy symptom that has developed this week; I can no longer wear my wedding rings. With our 5 year Anniversary this weekend, it seems to make me extra sad about it. My fingers never swelled with my first pregnancy, so this is a new thing for me to experience. Mostly sad. Craving sweets like crazy but trying so hard to be healthy. It is tough!

My 38 week bump pictures.

38 weeks-438 weeks-538 weeks-1

Jake man is so much more photogenic than me! Lucky boy! Meanwhile we are doing alot of inside games and riding out the tropical storm down here. I wish it would just cool off! At least I can wear fall clothes since we are inside all day; they seem to fit my giant belly way better than summer clothes.

Until next week, XOXO

Maternity Pictures for Baby Number 2

I am so happy to say we made it to week 37! Full term! I have been so nervous the whole past weekend. Started timing contractions several times but they are always still irregular. I know its because of all the help from my sister and all the thoughts and prayers from my best friends and family. They are all such a wonderful support for each other. I couldn’t ask for better friends and family. I decided to post early this week to celebrate our 37 week milestone! haha. Now I will have to work on baking that cake I promised my family.

With a little help from my sister (who by the way is a lifesaver, coming all the way from Indiana to stay with us and help out for a while) and my trusty camera tripod; I took some super cute maternity pictures. I am really proud how they turned out.


Just had to include this picture… It looks like Jake is a prize winning fish. haha family6-1family7-1family-9^His hair is so funny and he looks just so terrified.^

family-12family-16family11-1family18.2-1^My favorite picture! It turned out perfect. I will be hanging this on the picture wall asap!^


I am so happy to be able to get back to a more active activity level now! Off for a morning walk! Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week. Until next week, XOXO!

24 Weeks

Wednesday was officially 24 weeks along with baby #2! I had an easy doctor appointment and everything went very well. At 24 weeks I am still craving hot dogs. I think Baby #2 could eat a hot dog everyday and be happy. Not just a plain hot dog, it needs to have a pickle, tomato, jalapeno peppers, cheese, relish and ketchup on it. He has started craving milkshakes and ice cream lately. I would also like to add that I wish I could have an ice cold Corona with a fresh lime!

Here are my 24 week baby bump pics!



We have been having a rough day today so I am making it a short post so I can also take a bit of a nap during nap time. Until next week, XOXO!

Spring Break 2016

This past week I had a wonderful time with my parents and sisters. They all drove down to visit us in Tampa. We had great weather all week. Hillsborough River State Park is one of our favorite places nearby to go. We had a great time one day there exploring, but I learned a valuable lesson that day, Jake man is not old enough to go somewhere without a stroller! I ended up carrying him for quite a long distance since he did not want anyone else to carry him. I will need to start doing some double stroller research in the next few months! At least I know we will need one now. Any advice is welcome!

2016-03-15 10.42.44

We took my dad to the Ford’s Garage restaurant for lunch one day. It was delicious and cute! He is a huge Ford man, so I knew he would love it… and he did! This photo of my mom and dad is just too adorable not to share!


I took everyone for a beach day at Fort De Soto Beach. I love it. There is so much to explore and the beaches are so nice. I can’t believe how much Jake loves the water now. He would just run right into the ocean and loved the waves. We had crazy sea fog in the morning which was a great opportunity to explore the fort itself. Then the fog cleared and we had a gorgeous day.

2016-03-17 10.51.432016-03-17 10.52.24

2016-03-17 10.52.272016-03-17 10.52.17

^He is not into mommy kisses anymore 😦 ^

2016-03-17 10.46.202016-03-17 10.55.492016-03-17 11.46.292016-03-17 11.47.412016-03-17 12.34.452016-03-17 13.52.56

^He was too busy eating to take a selfie with us.^

2016-03-17 14.20.18

Now it is time to get back to normal here! Until next week, XOXO!

Family Pictures 2015

Since purchasing my DSL camera this past spring, I am amazed how much I love taking photos with it now. I did some 6 month pictures of Jake man and some family pictures when I first got the camera. You can see them here; Six months old baby and family pictures from several months ago on my blog, if you have not seen them. I thought they turned out nice. I wanted to do some new ones around Jake’s one year birthday. This first year he has just changed so much so quickly! I am planning on doing a family photo session every year. I think that would be so cool to see how our little family changes.

Across the street from our house is a really neat old barn that I wanted to use as a back drop for our family pictures this time. For the whole family shots, I used the timer and a tripod. Unfortunately. we could not bring Emma with us across the street to be in the pictures. It would have been to complicated worrying about her running toward the street while keeping Jake under control and setting up the picture. I think next family picture will be easier to get her in with us.

2015-10-20 15.40.06-2 2015-10-20 15.40.06-3 2015-10-20 15.40.06-22 2015-10-20 15.40.31-1 2015-10-20 15.40.32-2 2015-10-20 15.40.32-3 2015-10-20 15.41.05-2 2015-10-20 15.43.46-1 2015-10-20 15.43.46-2 2015-10-20 15.44.19 2015-10-20 15.44.27

I wanted Jake to take a cute kissing mommy picture, but he was having none of it! We got some hilarious outtakes though. 2015-10-20 15.45.42 2015-10-20 15.46.28 2015-10-20 15.46.37^Close enough!^2015-10-20 15.49.40-1 2015-10-20 15.49.42-1 2015-10-20 15.57.17 2015-10-20 15.59.252 2015-10-20 16.01.03 2015-10-20 16.07.06 2015-10-20 17.38.04

2015-10-20 17.40.24



I tried a few different editing techniques this time and think they look pretty cool. Let me know what you think and if any photographers out there have any advice for me. Thanks! Until next week, XOXO.