Happy Father’s Day

Since we could not make the trip back to my parent’s house for Father’s Day, I wanted to dedicate a special post to my own dad. He has always been there for me and is a great dad. I hope I can be there for him when he needs me as much as he has always been for me. Good dads always do so much for their families and work hard for them. He always has for us all. He is such a kind and joyful person and has set a great example for us all. And not to forget many words of wisdom he has imparted on me throughout the years… “To much is better than not enough.” (I def live by that one almost daily. haha) I love you so much daddy!

My boys tried their best to hold still and wish their Grandpappy a Happy Father’s Day. (Holding still is not one of their strong suits.)IMG_8581IMG_8595IMG_8589


I hope you know how much we really do love you! Happy Father’s Day daddy!

Until next week, XOXO

Late Father’s Day

I wanted to try out some cute new photography ideas I saw for Father’s Day but we were traveling and did not get a chance to do it before. You can be happy you have a wonderful Father any day! I think they turned out well. Next photography experiment, I will work on trying out some backgrounds like draping a sheet instead of just the nursery or a Tiny Cat butt.

Anyway, Jake hopes to fill his daddy’s shoes (and hat) one day…

2015-06-26 07.54.29 2015-06-26 07.54.40 2015-06-26 07.56.06

^Look at Tiny Cat in the background. haha^

2015-06-26 07.56.092 2015-06-26 07.57.012 2015-06-26 07.57.53

Those are some big shoes to fill but I know one day Jake will grow up to be just as wonderful, smart, handsome, caring, and much more… just like his daddy.

Until next week, XOXO