Valentine’s Day Outfits: Toddler Boy Style

Just a little glimpse into behind the pictures type post today. I had gotten the boys and I cute Valentine’s Day shirts and wanted to share some pictures of us wearing them with you all. Of course, after I get a little photo backdrop set up and camera ready to go, Jake only wanted to wear his firetruck shirt. I had to bribe him to even wear his heartbreaker shirt. My hubby had gotten me a remote for my camera to help me take better tripod pictures, so as I am sure you can tell from the photos, Jake then only wanted to push the camera button. And he was mesmerized by it. haha. Anyway, thats real life.

Liam’s cute doggy Valentine’s shirt is an old hand me down from Jake. I got Jake’s Heartbreaker Tee from the Gap. I thought it was something fitting for Valentine’s Day but would work any other day as well. I found this anatomically correct heart sweatshirt on amazon for myself and I thought it was just too perfect. IMG_9774IMG_9775IMG_9778IMG_9779^OBSESSED with the camera remote!^

He’s so mesmerized by it and would not let anyone else push the button. haha. At least he did a pretty good job. IMG_9800IMG_9784IMG_9785

Boy mom life seems to always end in my boys getting rowdy… no exception here.


At least my only little girl Emma is always up for kisses and cuteness. ❤


Next week we plan on making some cute heart shaped cookies and some special Valentines for our friends. I got them their own special Valentine’s Day chocolates to surprise them next week too. I can’t wait to see their excited faces. What are all your Valentine’s Day plans? I hope they are good ones! Until next week, XOXO.

My First Photography Attempt

This week, I thought I’d share a photography project I did for Jacob’s nursery. I wanted to create some wall art that could continue to fit the room as he grows older. To go with the sporty puppies theme, I decided I wanted to have a series of pictures of various sports balls. FIrst I looked on the internet to find some to purchase since I didn’t think it would turn out nice if I did it myself. I found some that I liked on etsy…


but I decided that I could do it myself and save some of the cost. I was very pleased how the photos turned out.


First, I realized I did not have any of the sports balls that I wanted to photograph, so began an Amazon search. I found these small toy balls for a fairly reasonable price. Once I was done with the photographs, you could not even tell they are just small toys.

Next, I picked a spot to stage the photos. I tried two different places just to see which I would like the best. First was outside on the grass and second was inside on the wood floor.

20140909_112348 20140909_112410 20140909_112304 20140909_112240

20140909_113048 20140909_113029 20140909_113010 20140909_112956

After uploading to my computer, I used my Picasa program to play with the settings until I got the desired effect. This part took the longest. I ended up settling on the grass series with some added shadowing effects and color alterations.20140909_113029-002

20140909_112956-002 20140909_113048-002 20140909_113010-002

I picked out some simple metal frames to match the room. I used some bright green, blue, and red frames I found at Michaels Craft Store.


Assemble and Hang! Here is the finished project. I later added a tennis and golf ball to have 6 pictures instead of 4. Plus Grandma looooves golf, so we totally could not leave that sport out.


You can use the same technique for photos of other objects. I learned that a good background and natural light really helps get a great photograph.


And finally some pictures I took today of Jacob and I in our super cute fall vests. Enjoy!




and of course Emma didn’t want to get left out today…