Family Pictures: Spring 2017

A couple weeks ago I got all my boys and Emma organized to take some family pictures. I did similar pictures when Jake was 6 months old and wanted to do some now that Liam turned 6 months. Our Azalea bushes were in full bloom and made a gorgeous photo background. They turned out so [...]

Maternity Pictures for Baby Number 2

I am so happy to say we made it to week 37! Full term! I have been so nervous the whole past weekend. Started timing contractions several times but they are always still irregular. I know its because of all the help from my sister and all the thoughts and prayers from my best friends [...]

Family Pictures 2015

Family Pictures 2015

Since purchasing my DSL camera this past spring, I am amazed how much I love taking photos with it now. I did some 6 month pictures of Jake man and some family pictures when I first got the camera. You can see them here; Six months old baby and family pictures from several months ago on my [...]