Get Outside!!

I love being outside! I am a believer in being very active and I even enjoy all types of weather. I have always said I can handle the most active kids just fine (be careful what you ask for!) and I def have some high energy boys which I LOVE! I promise I am not making that up. haha. I encourage my boys to get out and play everyday so as you can imagine, we spend alot of time outside. I think it’s totally good to let the boys just play and get dirty. We usually go through several outfit changes a day but I know they are getting plenty of exercise. In my dream house, I’d like a mud/laundry room with a mini shower/tub for dogs and kids to hose off before entering the house. (One can dream)

Here are a couple pics from playing in the yard and feeding the fish just the past week.

20170530_10314420170607_170342(0)20170607_170541Recently we’ve been making a few trips to Lettuce Lake Park nearby us. They have a fun playground and some little trails for the little hikers. 20170605_10420320170605_104412 (2)

20170605_105438 (2)20170605_105445

20170605_105931 (2)20170605_110311 (2)20170608_10190020170608_101901

Hiking morning with my boys. Can’t wait to go back and bring Dad next time! 20170608_110145_00120170608_11034920170608_11040120170608_11040520170608_110409 We’ve got quite a bit of big things happening in the next couple of weeks and I see alot more mini hiking trips in our future. So make sure you get outside and enjoy the summer!

Until next week, XOXO.

Hello 2015!!

We had a wonderful Christmas back in Chicago and Indiana the past couple weeks. We piled Baby Jacob, Emma Dog and a whole lot of stuff into our Tahoe and headed up north. It took us 2 days to get there and 2 days to get home. A lot of traveling especially for a 3 month old and dog, but they did a great job! Both of them slept most of the time.

2014-12-026 2014-12-025

Now that we are back home in Florida, it is time to get back to normal. This year instead of making a New Year’s Resolution, I made more of like a New Year’s Goal. I am planning on training for and then running my first half marathon this October. I have already begun my training. Running 5K three times a week and Kettle Bell workouts 2-3 times a week. I plan on slowly increasing the distance as I go. Ill keep you updated on my progress.


Overall 2014 was one of my best years yet. From getting commissioned and selling my first painting to moving to Florida and then oh yeah… finding out we were pregnant and giving birth to my son, it was a very busy year full of changes and excitement! Here’s to a even better next year!

Welcome To The World Baby Jacob

I missed last week’s posting but I have good reason. October 5th at 7:07pm, we welcomed Jacob to our little family. He came only 6.5 hours after my water broke. He was 5 lb. 11 oz and 19 1/4 inches long. I have officially become a mom! He is such a wonderful little guy and we love him sooo much!

Here he is getting dried off after his first bath at the hospital.


So far the first couple weeks have not allowed much time for crafting or artwork or even sleep. He is a very chill boy but with any newborn he needs to wake up and eat a lot. I sometimes feel all I have gotten done these past 2 weeks is breastfeeding Jake. But that is all part of adjusting to my new most important job. So far I have learned a few things.

  1. After worrying about what to pack in my hospital bag, I realized that the hospital gives you pretty much everything you need. I packed way to much. Mostly I needed a few toiletries for myself like chapstick and shower stuff and something comfy to wear home. My stay was so short that I never even changed into my comfy pjs and robe. Plus I didn’t have any visitors to try to look nice for. I also needed clothes for baby to go home in. All other needs were pretty much provided for us at the hospital which was super nice. They also gave us everything to take home. If you don’t take it home they just throw it away.
  2. YOGA YOGA YOGA. I regularly did prenatal yoga throughout my pregnancy and I believe it 100% helped have a easy, natural birth and a quick recovery. I did prenatal yoga 3 times a week along with light running until I could not run anymore. Pretty much around 5 months. Then, I did yoga 5 times a week or as much as I could. I also took our dog Emma for a 30 minute walk everyday as much as possible. That is something I would recommend any new moms to start as soon as they can. This is the yoga dvd I used. Since I personally had never tried yoga before, it is easy for beginners and does a nice job explaining how everything helps you. I just purchased it from amazon.

Prenatal Yoga DVD

Me at 36 weeks pregnant vs Jake and I one week after birth.


2014-10-10 11.55.40

I will continue to share my journey as a mom and artist with what I learn and advice as we continue down this life path. It has occurred to me that I have not shared my nursery decor yet. Stay tuned to next week to see our cute baby boy nursery and some nursery decorating tips. Here are some cute pictures of Jake cheering on his favorite football teams for the first time.

GO COLTS (mommy’s favorite team) AND GO BEARS (daddy’s favorite team)!20141009_115303 bears-001