Easter Best 2018

With the promise of ice cream after, I got my little men dressed in their Easter outfits for some festive Easter pictures. I had wanted to do the photos earlier this week but last weekend we had a random snow storm (not very springy) and this week we had quite alot of rain. But today the sun popped out nicely for us to get some cute pictures. And of course we got ice cream after! They did very good and I was happy how cute the photoshoot ended up. The Art and Design District of Carmel Indiana is just such a cute place with tons more photo opportunities I can’t wait to try out.

IMG_0088IMG_0090IMG_0091-2IMG_0095IMG_0099IMG_0101IMG_0104IMG_0139IMG_0147IMG_0165-2IMG_0165IMG_0168IMG_0174IMG_0185IMG_0192IMG_0198IMG_0208IMG_0268IMG_0274IMG_0292-2The boy’s plaid shirts are from The Gap this year. I cannot resist little boys in pink 🙂 Jake’s shoes.  Liam’s shoes.  My white tee is perfect for so many different outfits, soft and not at all see through! And these shoes are actually really comfortable. My skirt is from last year but here and here and here are similar. This black version of the skirt is on sale too.

Jake is excited for the Easter bunny to bring him a basket this year as well as going to church and having Easter dinner with his Granny and his Grandpappy. Liam just likes to do whatever Jake likes. Liam does love anything that has candy involved so he will be excited. I always love seeing the look on their faces when they are sooo excited for all the different Holiday’s fun. I hope you all have a most wonderful Easter weekend.

Until next week, XOXO.

Easter/Spring Decorating

The first of March requires some Spring cheer! Many of my friends and family are up North where the weather is still cold and snowy, so here is some fun Spring decorating and wreath crafting for today’s post to help beat those winter blues.

It was Jake man’s nap time… let the crafting begin!


I always love to make a festive tablescape so here is what I created for this Easter season. I used my rustic box my husband and I made a few posts ago. Rustic Box DIY





^Jake man’s Easter basket (at least the beginning). We will need to get some candy for mom and dad to eat.^

And of course, my wreath for the front door. I wanted something Springy, so I can have it up longer than just until Easter.



Just for some extra Friday cuteness, one of my favorite pictures from Jake man’s 5 month pictures I took. I think its time to do some camera research because I am starting to really enjoy some Photography, especially with such cute models!

5 months5

Until next week, XOXO.