9 Months

The past 9 months seem to have flown by in a heartbeat. This little wild man is even more wiggly and mobile than his older brother was! He is one super fast crawling machine and pulling up on everything. He learned to clap and give high fives. He is finally sleeping all night. He is getting his 7th tooth. Since he started moving, he has not slowed down one bit. He loves his big brother and looks up to him so much. Watching them develop their brother relationship makes my heart sooo happy. He hates anytime someone tries to clean his face off (He is always super dirty) and getting his face wet. He is already becoming very independent and insists on feeding himself at meal times. That makes him even more messy!

I was only able to get one good monthly picture this month. Here are some out takes that really do highlight his inability to sit still!!

IMG_8542^All that I got was his little toes! He’s so FAST! So typical!^

IMG_8551^Even tried to let him stand for one and as you can see; It’s blurry.^

My crazy fast wild man… I love him so!

I will have to start planning a first birthday soon. Until next week, XOXO.

6 Months

I remember the first year going by as fast as a blink of an eye… and I think its going even faster this time, if thats even possible! How is this little man already 6 months old?? This week I was going through pictures to print and hang on my picture wall as well as trying to get my millions of pictures more organized in files. So many memories to look back on. I am sure there are people who think I post way to many photos but I know one day my little boys will have a wonderful time looking back through this blog. Its a prefect little glimpse into the past. Anyway looking back at Liam’s first 6 months pictures and I cannot believe how much he’s already grown and changed. Little guys just change and grow sooo much the first year that its hard to believe. I am so glad I have taken the time to take these pictures and can’t wait to see what the next 6 months bring.

I have to remember that he is just little for a very short time, that way I don’t feel guilty that he doesn’t know how to drink out of any bottle or training cup. I feel like sometimes let myself feel bad when we go do things and I have to stop to breastfeed him. But 99% of the time it works best for us and I do enjoy our little bonding time. Soon little Liam will be like his big brother and just want to do whatever Dad is doing and I won’t be as important.

Until next week…XOXO…DON’T BLINK!

Hospital Newborn Pictures

I am finally getting to go through and edit the newborn photographs I took for baby Liam. I always seem to take like a million pictures and end up loving most all of them. Picking photos for the family wall is starting to get hard. I will have to get a bigger family picture wall soon!

Now that Liam is starting to get on a bit of a schedule, I have been able to get a bit more sleep and have a teeny bit of time to work on my own stuff. Mostly going through and trying new editing techniques on photos. I am learning new things all the time. Always looking for new ideas, techniques and advice if you all have any for me. Meanwhile, I wanted to share the first set of newborn photos I took. This set is all from the hospital.


birth-1^I just love how this picture turned out. I can’t even take credit for it. It was all my hubby! ^


Taking care of my two little men is something like a circus now. If I knew while playing beer pong when I first met my husband, that 10 years later I would be sitting on the bathroom floor in front of the toilet breastfeeding my baby while waiting for my toddler to poop in said toilet, I would have ran away. Now, I wouldn’t trade my chaos for anything.

I hope you all enjoyed these pictures and my boy life tales! Until next week, XOXO.


Happy Friday everyone! To be quite honest, you are lucky I know what day it is. haha. I cannot wait to get little man number 2 sleeping through the night. I am doing really pretty well actually and enjoying my time with my little boys, but some more sleep will be really nice. Thank goodness for a Pumpkin Spice Latte today! YUM! Liam is actually a pretty good baby and very easy going… just with all newborns, it takes time to make it to the sleeping all night mark. With a toddler running around too, I just pray that I can get both to nap at the same time everyday. I ♥ naptime.

As you know, I have been slowly working on editing the newborn pictures that I took a few weeks ago. I am very happy with how they are turning out, so I cannot wait to share them all! I wanted to share the before maternity and after birth silhouette pictures that I took. I really love how they look .


Just a short post today since bedtime was a bit of a struggle tonight… nothing like throwing a new baby in the mix of life to make a mom second guess everything she thought she was doing right.

Hunting caffeine until next week, XOXO.

Welcome to the World Baby Liam

liam-2September 2, 2016 we welcomed our newest little Pigott into the world. Life is definitely a whole new kind of chaos now. The first night home with a newborn was a little overwhelming. It is crazy how quickly you forget about newborn babies. Now that we have had a few more days to adjust, it is getting much more manageable. Not easy by any means, but manageable.

My water broke around 4:47am on Friday morning. (I had looked at the clock when I got up to pee/check all the noise from the wind of hurricane Hermine) At first I wasn’t sure, but after a couple minutes I was pretty certain. Liam was born just a few hours later at 8:37 am. I am proud of myself being able to have another natural, no epidural birth. So now we are officially a family of four with our newest addition, Liam Schuyler, born during hurricane Hermine.

Here are just a few cell phone snaps I have taken. Working on doing my own newborn photos and editing now. I will share as soon as I finish, which might be longer than normal.


Our first official family of four photo. Not my best outfit (hospital gown; yucky!) but I love this picture.


And finally getting outside for some fresh air and playing with my TWO little boys! Trying to take in these little moments and bond with my new little man, while still making Big Brother feel special and not neglected is quite a big job. I am just hoping I am being the best mom I can be for my perfect little boys. Embracing my new level of chaotic life and loving it. Please send massive amounts of caffeine! Until next week, XOXO.

38 Weeks

I never thought I would make it this long when comparing to my first pregnancy. I am soooo ready to be done being pregnant now. I am so big, I feel as if I can barely do anything. It seems to be very true that each pregnancy is very different. That I am learning for sure! The saddest pregnancy symptom that has developed this week; I can no longer wear my wedding rings. With our 5 year Anniversary this weekend, it seems to make me extra sad about it. My fingers never swelled with my first pregnancy, so this is a new thing for me to experience. Mostly sad. Craving sweets like crazy but trying so hard to be healthy. It is tough!

My 38 week bump pictures.

38 weeks-438 weeks-538 weeks-1

Jake man is so much more photogenic than me! Lucky boy! Meanwhile we are doing alot of inside games and riding out the tropical storm down here. I wish it would just cool off! At least I can wear fall clothes since we are inside all day; they seem to fit my giant belly way better than summer clothes.

Until next week, XOXO

36 Weeks

Wednesday was my 36 week along mark. I am hoping and praying to make it until next Wednesday before going into labor. I will just feel so much more at ease knowing we have made it full term. I have been having quite alot of Braxton Hicks this past week and at my Doctor’s appointment this morning I was just about 3 cm dilated. Plus I promised my boys and my sister, who is here helping me out for a while, that I would bake a delicious cake if we make it to 37 weeks. I think everyone wants some cake! Meantime, I have my hospital bag packed and ready to go, a new pediatrician found, most of the newborn stuff organized and dug out of storage, and maternity pictures taken. I did my own pictures, so they are not edited yet but I am working on that as I type this blog post. Here are my weekly bump pictures…


SOOO giant I feel! Forget sushi and lunch meat this time, I cannot wait to have a cold Corona with a fresh lime and a glass of wine as well as some Champagne. Judge me if you must but I’ve missed those the most this time around.


A little throw back to the last baby bump easel picture I took with Jake.


Meanwhile, we have contractors out doing some work on our house which of course is adding to all the chaos of our lives. Nothing like keeping everyone on their toes.

Until next week, XOXO!

34 Weeks

Baby bump at 34 weeks just seems GIANT to me this time around!!

34 weeks-134 weeks-2

Definitely craving mostly things I cannot have yet… CHAMPANGE!! I cannot wait to have a glass of wine either. Little man #2 is still just rolling around in there. He is always quite active. Heartburn and back pain are pretty much the worst symptoms I am having now. Sadly, the worst heartburn seems to happen at night when I am trying to sleep. My sister has come to stay with us for a while to help me with Jake. She has been already a ton of help too. I am still feeling quite overwhelmed with all the stuff that still needs to be done. Working on getting my hospital bag ready to go and the boys’ room all done. Right now my office is baby stuff central until we get the wall and closet put into the boy’s room. I got alot of baby stuff out of storage and I am just waiting to get it all organized. Meanwhile my office is sort of a disaster.

Yes, that is a giant stack of stuff for #2. Thankfully Emma is nearby to always “help”.

2016-08-03 14.40.15

I have gotten a chance to start a few maternity pictures that I am doing myself. I am quite excited how they are turning out. Here is a little sneak at one of my favorites so far.


I cannot wait to share the rest soon. Until next week, XOXO.

24 Weeks

Wednesday was officially 24 weeks along with baby #2! I had an easy doctor appointment and everything went very well. At 24 weeks I am still craving hot dogs. I think Baby #2 could eat a hot dog everyday and be happy. Not just a plain hot dog, it needs to have a pickle, tomato, jalapeno peppers, cheese, relish and ketchup on it. He has started craving milkshakes and ice cream lately. I would also like to add that I wish I could have an ice cold Corona with a fresh lime!

Here are my 24 week baby bump pics!



We have been having a rough day today so I am making it a short post so I can also take a bit of a nap during nap time. Until next week, XOXO!

20 and 22 Week Bump Pics

Time to get caught up on my biweekly bump pics. I have been taking them, just not getting them posted. This Wednesday I am at 23 weeks along. My bump has really started popping out and boy do I feel like I am way huge this time around! One major maternity complaint too… having a 2nd pregnancy really limits the maternity clothing market. Dresses and anything white is not conducive to wear while chasing around a messy toddler. Florida is super hot also and alot of times leggings and jeans are just too hot! Even capris! There is a serious lack of cute clothing for the 2nd time around mother who lives in a hot and humid climate. I may just live out the rest of the pregnancy in my swimsuit, in the pool! I’ll keep up my search and share any cute hot weather maternity clothing I might find.

At 23 Weeks I am still craving Chicago style hot dogs. Baby is moving quite alot everyday. Working on planning the new layout of the nursery for both boys along with some new fun art projects for the boy’s room. I can’t wait!


And last weeks pics…


Until next week, XOXO!