38 Weeks

I never thought I would make it this long when comparing to my first pregnancy. I am soooo ready to be done being pregnant now. I am so big, I feel as if I can barely do anything. It seems to be very true that each pregnancy is very different. That I am learning for sure! The saddest pregnancy symptom that has developed this week; I can no longer wear my wedding rings. With our 5 year Anniversary this weekend, it seems to make me extra sad about it. My fingers never swelled with my first pregnancy, so this is a new thing for me to experience. Mostly sad. Craving sweets like crazy but trying so hard to be healthy. It is tough!

My 38 week bump pictures.

38 weeks-438 weeks-538 weeks-1

Jake man is so much more photogenic than me! Lucky boy! Meanwhile we are doing alot of inside games and riding out the tropical storm down here. I wish it would just cool off! At least I can wear fall clothes since we are inside all day; they seem to fit my giant belly way better than summer clothes.

Until next week, XOXO

Maternity Pictures for Baby Number 2

I am so happy to say we made it to week 37! Full term! I have been so nervous the whole past weekend. Started timing contractions several times but they are always still irregular. I know its because of all the help from my sister and all the thoughts and prayers from my best friends and family. They are all such a wonderful support for each other. I couldn’t ask for better friends and family. I decided to post early this week to celebrate our 37 week milestone! haha. Now I will have to work on baking that cake I promised my family.

With a little help from my sister (who by the way is a lifesaver, coming all the way from Indiana to stay with us and help out for a while) and my trusty camera tripod; I took some super cute maternity pictures. I am really proud how they turned out.


Just had to include this picture… It looks like Jake is a prize winning fish. haha family6-1family7-1family-9^His hair is so funny and he looks just so terrified.^

family-12family-16family11-1family18.2-1^My favorite picture! It turned out perfect. I will be hanging this on the picture wall asap!^


I am so happy to be able to get back to a more active activity level now! Off for a morning walk! Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week. Until next week, XOXO!

34 Weeks

Baby bump at 34 weeks just seems GIANT to me this time around!!

34 weeks-134 weeks-2

Definitely craving mostly things I cannot have yet… CHAMPANGE!! I cannot wait to have a glass of wine either. Little man #2 is still just rolling around in there. He is always quite active. Heartburn and back pain are pretty much the worst symptoms I am having now. Sadly, the worst heartburn seems to happen at night when I am trying to sleep. My sister has come to stay with us for a while to help me with Jake. She has been already a ton of help too. I am still feeling quite overwhelmed with all the stuff that still needs to be done. Working on getting my hospital bag ready to go and the boys’ room all done. Right now my office is baby stuff central until we get the wall and closet put into the boy’s room. I got alot of baby stuff out of storage and I am just waiting to get it all organized. Meanwhile my office is sort of a disaster.

Yes, that is a giant stack of stuff for #2. Thankfully Emma is nearby to always “help”.

2016-08-03 14.40.15

I have gotten a chance to start a few maternity pictures that I am doing myself. I am quite excited how they are turning out. Here is a little sneak at one of my favorites so far.


I cannot wait to share the rest soon. Until next week, XOXO.

28 Weeks

Wednesday was my 28 week pregnancy mark. Officially the beginning of the 3rd and final trimester. I still cannot believe how quickly time is going by. I really need to get little boy #2’s crib ordered and the boys’ closet redone. I just had my 28 week doctor’s appointment where I was required to do my glucose test. It is not that bad to drink the syrup drink but is just boring since it takes a whole hour. Jake is starting to run out of room on my lap when we read books. It seems to be the first thing that bothers him.

Here are my 28 week baby bump pictures…


In other exciting news, last weekend I had a wonderful girls evening with a couple good friends. I took some engagement photos for them on St. Pete Beach after a wonderful dinner. I have been working with Photoshop for the first time editing the photos for them. It is a slow learning process but I cannot wait to share them with you all! I am always open to photoshop tips as I work with the software.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Stay cool out there in the heat. Until next week, XOXO.

26 Weeks

26 Week Baby Bump picture time! I am still craving hot dogs and ice cream but thats pretty much it. It’s crazy hot down here in Florida so no clothing seems comfortable or fashionable. I have been having Braxton Hicks contractions for a while now. The worst pregnancy symptom I seem to suffer from is heart burn. I seem to get it whenever I eat anything. I cannot complain about anything else. I have been explaining to Jake about his little brother but I am not sure if he has any idea still.


And one out take because we usually have to take quite a few pictures to get a couple nice ones. Plus it is funny picture.


Last weekend we traveled up to Bloomington Indiana for a family wedding and stayed with my sister. It was just a wonderful time and Jake did the best job ever on the plane. Thank goodness!! It really made me miss Indiana a ton. I wanted to share this picture of my son and his Auntie Annie because I love it. We tried a family picture too but Jake was having none of it. The lighting from the window and my sister’s white couch made for a perfect picture setting. But you can only get so far without cooperative subjects. haha

Auntie Annie2016-06-04 17.57.29

Until next week, XOXO.

24 Weeks

Wednesday was officially 24 weeks along with baby #2! I had an easy doctor appointment and everything went very well. At 24 weeks I am still craving hot dogs. I think Baby #2 could eat a hot dog everyday and be happy. Not just a plain hot dog, it needs to have a pickle, tomato, jalapeno peppers, cheese, relish and ketchup on it. He has started craving milkshakes and ice cream lately. I would also like to add that I wish I could have an ice cold Corona with a fresh lime!

Here are my 24 week baby bump pics!



We have been having a rough day today so I am making it a short post so I can also take a bit of a nap during nap time. Until next week, XOXO!

20 and 22 Week Bump Pics

Time to get caught up on my biweekly bump pics. I have been taking them, just not getting them posted. This Wednesday I am at 23 weeks along. My bump has really started popping out and boy do I feel like I am way huge this time around! One major maternity complaint too… having a 2nd pregnancy really limits the maternity clothing market. Dresses and anything white is not conducive to wear while chasing around a messy toddler. Florida is super hot also and alot of times leggings and jeans are just too hot! Even capris! There is a serious lack of cute clothing for the 2nd time around mother who lives in a hot and humid climate. I may just live out the rest of the pregnancy in my swimsuit, in the pool! I’ll keep up my search and share any cute hot weather maternity clothing I might find.

At 23 Weeks I am still craving Chicago style hot dogs. Baby is moving quite alot everyday. Working on planning the new layout of the nursery for both boys along with some new fun art projects for the boy’s room. I can’t wait!


And last weeks pics…


Until next week, XOXO!

18 Weeks

At 18 weeks, I am feeling pretty good still. Craving a nice big Chicago style hot dog and a chocolate cake shake from Portillo’s. Luckily, they just opened a Portillo’s in Brandon Florida. I just need the hubby to take me asap! I’d also really love a nice big glass of wine but that’ll have to wait for quite a while still. We have just under 2 weeks until we find out the gender now. I am getting very excited. I have been deciding if we should find out at the ultrasound or do a fun surprise gender reveal cake. I am leaning towards the cake but I don’t know if I can wait. I have been feeling some movement the past couple weeks. I love to feel the baby move.



Every week has it’s challenges. This past week I have been feeling quite inadequate as a stay at home mother. It always seems that there are people out in the world that try to make each other feel like they are doing the wrong thing. What if my children are not as socialized because they didn’t go to daycare? What if it makes them behind in school and they are not as smart? Does everyone look down on me for staying at home? Does everyone think I am lazy? Then I realize the only people that matter, is what Jake and his future brother or sister think. And no matter what we do I know he’s happy when he gives me big kisses everyday. And that is all that matters. So we will keep on doing what we do and be happy.

Until next week, XOXO.

16 Weeks

On Wednesday, I reached the 16 week mark for pregnancy number 2! It does seem to be going by much faster than the first one! The check up went well and now we just have to wait 4 more weeks to find out the sex. Woo Hoo! We found out alot earlier last time, but it seems easier to wait now. Especially with time flying by! Now my blog can finally be caught up with my bi-weekly bumpy pics too.

At 16 weeks, it looks like I have begun to show. Still craving fruit. I just bought a bunch of strawberries and made a strawberry pie. YUM! I have been getting heart burn almost everyday which is really the only thing I can complain about. No stretch marks yet but def have to pee all the time!


I have to add this picture of Jake measuring my belly. Daddy gave him his own measuring tape so he has to go around measuring everything!

2016-03-31 11.29.58

Until next week, XOXO!

Time For A Toddler Bed

On Monday this week, after nap time, my crazy man learned to climb out of his crib. I swear this kid can climb anything! I was right there, thank goodness. He landed quite hard but was totally fine. Our baby cam captured it for us. OH BOY!

So we decided to try out a toddler bed. We got a 4-in-1 convertible bed, and I am so happy with our choice. Not only did we need it so soon but it was easy to convert. Here is the bed in white on Amazon.

Logan 4-in-1 Crib

I was super worried that the freedom with the new toddler bed would cause less sleep for everyone. I am excited that I was wrong. He loves the new big kid bed and lays right down at bedtime. He hasn’t gotten up early all week either! We have actually been sleeping in!! He has a little bit of trouble when it is nap time and cries at the baby gate for about 5 minutes everyday but then goes into his bed and falls asleep. I cannot complain! I am SO proud of him! I did make him snap a few pictures the other day in his big kid bed and of course Emma dog had to join.

IMG_4169IMG_4175IMG_4177IMG_4178IMG_4180IMG_4182IMG_4187IMG_4188^His favorite stuffed animal, Donut the dog.^


In other news… this week, I am officially 15 weeks along with Baby #2! It seems to be flying by so far. I am still in most of my regular clothes. I had to use the extender on a couple of my pants this week. Some days I really think I am showing way more than with Jake, but other days I think I am still looking not pregnant. I seem to have gotten more energy back which is awesome. Craving candy like crazy and Jimmy Johns, which is the same as with Jake man. I’d also love some Mad Mushroom Cheese Sticks randomly but not all the time and unfortunately that is only back in Indiana. It has been tough keeping up with my bi-weekly bump pics this time but I am making a point to continue to do it. I know I’ll be happy I did.

12 and 14 week bump pics to catch up!

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend with family and friends! We took advantage of this rainy Good Friday to make Easter breakfast rolls for the weekend! We are both covered in flour!! Until next week…XOXO