28 Weeks and 10 Things

28 Weeks and 10 Things

Just a quick update this week. I have really been having a difficult time balancing our new schedule with school while finding time to write my blog. A little break has been good too. Growing baby girl and running after these crazy boys has been making me very tired the last few months. I thought [...]

Maternity Pictures for Baby Number 2

I am so happy to say we made it to week 37! Full term! I have been so nervous the whole past weekend. Started timing contractions several times but they are always still irregular. I know its because of all the help from my sister and all the thoughts and prayers from my best friends [...]

20 and 22 Week Bump Pics

Time to get caught up on my biweekly bump pics. I have been taking them, just not getting them posted. This Wednesday I am at 23 weeks along. My bump has really started popping out and boy do I feel like I am way huge this time around! One major maternity complaint too... having a [...]