Toy Storage Bench

Just a super quick post this week…

A few weeks ago I painted a couple storage bins for the boys’ playroom and decided when I got done that the middle two needed to be painted too. Here is the original post incase you did not see it and here is the post from when my hubby and I built the Toy Storage Bench a few years ago. Here are a few pics of the final project. Looks pretty cute for the wild men adventure playroom (still a bit of a work in progress). IMG_9428IMG_9430IMG_9434One of my personal resolutions is to make more time for my own art projects because I really enjoy them. I want to finally get working on a few paintings again as well as refocusing my blog into more of an art based life-style blog which is what it has evolved into. I just really enjoy sharing photography and craft projects but have much less time for my own artwork now a days. I just hope to inspire a few other mom’s out there while creating a fun way to look back at family memories.

I cannot wait to see what 2018 will bring. Thank you for all your comments and words of encouragement as well as reading my blog.

Until next week, XOXO.

Toddler Play Table : Part 2

A few weeks ago, I posted about how I made a couple unique toddler play tables from an Ikea table. Toddler Play Table: Ikea Hack.  I wanted to share some photos of the table I made for my son. It is different than the first table. I also wanted to show how I added a roll of drawing paper to the tables. It is great for many hours of toddler drawing creativity. (Even if it is just stacking the chair on top of the table while mom is trying to take some pictures.)


I wanted to do a fun boy Superhero/Villain theme. I used this Heroes and Villains paper for the top of the table. It has all types of characters on it!


Then for the chair cushions, I used this Star Wars fabric. I liked how both the fabric and paper had a squares theme to compliment each other without being the exact same design.


I got a Mala paper roll and a Mala tabletop paper holder which I attached the the side of the table with regular screws. I wanted the top of the table to have the maximum space for activities. I stained the tabletop paper holder at the same time I stained the rest of the table pieces to make sure they came out the same color.


Jake loves the table, although I have decided he needs to be a bit older to use the paper roll. He would just unroll it all and waste it right now.

2016-05-05 09.55.162016-05-05 09.55.472016-05-05 09.56.532016-05-05 09.58.052016-05-05 09.58.222016-05-05 09.58.392016-05-05 09.59.35

Toddler Play Table: Ikea Hack to see how I constructed the table itself!

Thanks for checking out my craft idea today!

 Have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend! I know I am looking forward to some ever needed appreciation! Until next week, XOXO.

Toddler Play Table: Ikea Hack

Before Christmas I got a couple Latt Ikea Children’s Tables and decided to add some cool finishes to them for my son and nephew. I made two one of a kind children’s tables pretty easily with a little time from these super affordable Children’s Tables from Ikea. I got a few supplies to go with it.

I will show you what I did for my nephew’s table and then get some more pictures of my son’s table in action in a couple weeks!


First I cut the railroad map to the size of the table top.


And then cut the foam to just a bit smaller than the chair bottoms.


Using just regular Elmer’s Glue, I glued the foam to the chair and gave it plenty of time to fully dry.

Next, I cut the fabric just enough to cover the cushion and chair bottom. Using the fabric Mod Podge, I attached the fabric to the chair and gave it plenty of time to dry.


For the table top, I used a glossy mod podge and followed the directions. I ended up doing quite a few coats on the top. This took several days to complete since I had to wait inbetween coats and between naptimes and bedtimes.IMG_3173IMG_3175IMG_3176

Over the next several days, I stained the rest of the pieces of the table and chairs. I wanted a very dark color so I had to complete a bunch of coats to get it even and the perfect color. And again I had to work around Jakes busy schedule.


We assembled the children’s table and chairs. Jake man is totally into tools, so he was super excited to help me put them together.


The finished children’s chairs!!


And the finished Children’s table!!IMG_3186

It was a big hit on Christmas morning. I love going over to visit my nephew and seeing his drawings on the paper from the table.IMG_3564IMG_3565IMG_3569

Jake’s table is another unique one of a kind table. I will share pictures of his table soon and how I attached a roll of drawing paper to the table. It is always good to have plenty of inspiration for your own projects! Until next week, XOXO!

Kitchen Helper Stool

It is so fun to have a little kitchen helper lately. I know he isn’t much of an actual helper and actually makes more work for me, but I love spending time with this wonderful little man. 2015-10-28 09.24.57

^Don’t worry! I was right there the whole time. He was not in danger of falling off the chair. ^

2015-11-10 18.23.20

I wanted to make something that my son could stand on and “help” me cook in the kitchen instead of just a chair. It is sooo much easier to have him right there playing with the measuring cups or helping stir than running around and climbing everything while I try to cook dinner. I saw some cool Ikea hacks made from the step stool. I decided to make my own. It was pretty simple to make and works great! My husband helped with the adding on to it so it is done a pretty professional, but you can make one without the fancy wood working.

First I built the basic stool from Ikea.

Next I turned it over to my hubby who added the railing on the top. Jake and Emma helped. Well, they tried at least.

2015-11-08 10.11.052015-11-08 10.10.51

He made holes for the railing posts to go.

2015-11-08 12.54.17

Measure twice, Cuss once 😉

2015-11-08 10.16.082015-11-08 10.13.54

2015-11-08 12.57.442015-11-08 12.53.48We put a lower railing on the stool because Jake really likes to climb and we thought it might help keep him contained better. Depending on what you want to do, you do not need the secondary railing.

2015-11-08 10.16.352015-11-08 12.55.05^Little fingers are just the cutest!^2015-11-08 09.43.38

After all the assembling we had to wait for the glue and wood putty to dry. Then of course some sanding. You do not want sharp corners and edge if a child is climbing on it.

Then the final step was painting. You can paint or stain any color or combo of colors you want. The nice thing about the stool is that it is unfinished wood so it is very versatile. I did a combo of two colors, River Rock and Sailor Blue, to create a cool effect. Make sure you do a top coat to seal it so you can wipe it down after using without worrying about messing up the paint.2015-11-10 15.21.372015-11-10 15.22.062015-11-10 15.21.542015-11-10 16.36.142015-11-10 16.36.27

And we tested it out by making a Pumpkin Layer Cheesecake of course!

2015-11-12 10.14.102015-11-12 10.28.052015-11-12 10.24.242015-11-12 10.23.482015-11-12 10.25.132015-11-12 10.24.432015-11-12 10.14.44

The Double Layer Pumpkin Cheesecake was delicious. I highly recommend it. These faces prove it was tasty…

2015-11-12 11.04.342015-11-12 11.04.21

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Until next week, XOXO.

Patio Furniture Rehab

I wanted to try to fix up my patio furniture without spending a ton of money. New cushions and cushion covers cost almost as much as just buying a whole new patio set! The chairs and cushions of our sets are in good shape, just the fabric is very faded. I did some research and thought I would try this Upholstery Paint. I figured that I could not mess up the cushions much more than they already are. I was very pleased with the out come.

Here is a before and after side by side.2015-09-22 12.40.56

Drying outside…2015-09-22 13.15.03

The hardest part was waiting for a clear day without rain to give the cushions time to dry. 2015-09-22 13.15.13 2015-09-22 13.15.56

The finished product…2015-09-24 09.18.12 2015-09-24 09.20.08-2 2015-09-24 09.20.30 2015-09-24 09.20.54

The cushions do not feel course or painted on either. They feel just like they felt before the painting. I am planning on painting the other set to match this one now.

Just a little idea to help refresh your home! Until next week, XOXO.

Baby Proofing: What I’ve Learned Thus Far

While on our epically long vacation, Jake learned to crawl. Then, just this week he suddenly started walking! I had not done much baby proofing before because there wasn’t a need for it. I figured I would just do it as I see issues arise instead of going overboard and extreme baby proofing the house. I thought I’d share some of my favorites thus far.

safety favs

  1. Safety 1st Multi-purpose Appliance Lock 2. Dreambaby Outlet Plugs 3. Baby Gate with Pet Door 4. Safety 1st Secure Close Handle Lock 5. Edge and Corner Protector

These products have worked really great for us, but with our little man, we have found some unique issues. The first was simply him tearing up pages in books. I did not think of that when I was arranging his bookcase. I know, rookie mistake! I simply moved the books with tearable pages to the top of the bookcase and board books to the bottom. Now he can take as many books off the shelf and read and I don’t have to worry about a bunch of books getting ruined.

2015-08-12 17.22.53

2015-08-12 17.22.46

Another unique issue was our wine rack. I love it, but the bottles are too close to the ground… right in Jake’s view. For some reason this has been our worst problem. He goes right for the wine about 75% of the time.

2015-08-26 14.38.25

So I thought I would get the hubby to help make a wine insert for our kitchen cabinet. (With Jake, my helping is more like telling him what I want to do and he does it.)

Here is our before coffee station…

2015-08-26 14.38.05

And transformed into a wine rack. (After a few set backs… my hubby’s wood working motto is “measure once, cuss twice”)

2015-09-01 12.53.59

2015-09-01 12.54.30

2015-09-01 12.54.16

2015-09-01 12.55.15

And it holds alot of wine!! Bonus!

Hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day weekend! Until next week, XOXO.

Ikea Hack: Blue Ray/DVD Cabinet

I thought I would share a pretty cool Ikea hack my hubby and I did a few months ago for our living room. I wanted something to store all our Blue Rays and DVDs in without taking up a ton of room or looking tacky. After looking online at a ton of places and finding nothing I liked, we decided to get crafty and see what we could come up with ourselves. We started out with the plain Malm Ikea dresser and took the top 2 drawers out. We had to add a bit of wood but found a nice piece in the “as is” section that would work for what we wanted. I did end up painting a bit of the inside of the new shelf.


Malm Dresser.

Here is our finished product. I think it looks pretty awesome myself and is perfect for what we needed it for.

2015-08-26 14.33.29 2015-08-26 14.33.41 2015-08-26 14.34.01

Fits DVDs and Blue-rays perfectly!2015-08-26 14.34.33 2015-08-26 14.34.40 2015-08-26 14.36.21

Until next week, XOXO.

Toy Bench

Much of my focus lately has been on finishing up our nursery for our son. I wanted to create a cute yet practical way of storing toys that wasn’t a traditional toy box. I decided on a small bench that would double as a step up to the window nook. After drawing some sketches to get the idea across to my husband (who, as always, helps me with the construction), it was off to Home Depot again. I wanted the step to be divided into 4 different sections and in each section I would put a storage box for toys. It was a pretty simple design and we did not need very many supplies, but my husband was excited to have an excuse to purchase a new router. He routed the joints of the bench to make them fit together very smoothly.


Once we measured twice and cut once for all the pieces; It was time to assemble. This part worked best with two people to help nail, glue and clamp the pieces together.


After everything was securely clamped together, we left it to dry for 24 hours. Probably longer. I did not really time it.


Once the piece was fully dry, we cut and nailed a piece of wood on the back. I thought it would look bad if you could see through to the other side and would make the boxes fall out the back. Then it was time to sand. Thankfully it was much easier to sand and smooth out than sanding the finish off the bookcase I did earlier this summer!

I then got to work staining it. I used the same stain I used on the bookcase and nightstand. Ebony.


I did several coats to get the dark stain I like. I left it to dry and did more coats the next day too. I left it to dry for another day.

Once the wooden part was done, I got to work sewing a cushion to go on top. I got a foam pad cut down to size and some fabric from Jo-Anne Fabric and sewed a simple cover for the pad. I got some puppy fabric to go with the theme of the nursery and ordered some super cute storage boxes from Kohls. I am very pleased with how it turned out. It is super sturdy and will work perfectly as an added step to the window/reading nook in the nursery.


I painted wooden letters with glow in the dark paint and glued them on the blue boxes with fabric glue. Glow in the dark anything is cool!


I had some left over fabric from the cushion, so I covered a couple pillows by sewing a very simple pillow case to go on top of them.


Building a Foyer Table

A few weeks ago I recruited my husband to help teach me to use power tools and make a different kind of art project. I thought it would be pretty cool to make my own foyer table instead of buying one, plus I could learn to use some tools at the same time. You never know what creative idea will require power tools in the future! I had some ideas of what I wanted it to look like from some pinterest pins. My husband helped me figure out the measurements and how much wood we would need to purchase. So it was off to Home Depot as our typical Saturday tends to be these days.

First we assembled the top, bottom and legs separately. To make sure the top was nice and smooth, we had to clamp it and let it dry over night. We used wood glue so that no nails would show from the top or on the legs of the table.

20140601_143146 20140601_143151

After the drying period, we put the table top onto the legs.


Next, I spent what seemed like quite a long time power sanding the table. I wanted perfection and smooth corners. The hot and humid Florida weather made it extra hard!


Once I had it up to my standards, I rinsed off all the saw dust. The dust can really mess up the staining process. I had chosen a very dark stain, Ebony, to go with the red paint of our foyer. Staining was not very hard but did take a couple days. I did three separate coats since I wanted a really dark finish on the table. Make sure to wear gloves when staining, as I found out it stains skin too!!! Although if you do get stain on your skin, you can easily clean it off even after it has dried with some cooking oil. (Just a helpful fyi)

And here we have the finished product! Ignore the pile of stuff in the picture. I had just gotten done decorating.



I got the mirror for a major deal at Home Goods. The vase and flowers from Michael’s. And the statue is a Paula Pigott sculpture.

I am very happy how my very first furniture project turned out! I definitely see some more projects in the future.