About Me

My name is Sarah Steiner and I am originally an artist from Indiana who specializes in using reusable and found objects within my pieces. I quit my job as  a retail manager in the summer of 2011 to pursue my then hobby of art. I have a degree in Fashion design from Purdue University which helped me realize my love for art when taking art classes in college. I enjoy exploring different textures and 3D canvas looks. I have been experimenting with many different medium for new pieces. I have been exploring oil painting as well. Since starting my family, my art focus has changed quite a bit but my love of art is shown in everything I do.

I grew up on a Christmas Tree Farm in West Middleton Indiana. I live with my wonderful husband, a spiteful cat named Tiny, and a sweet lovable dog named Emma. I had my first son Jake, October 2014. And my second son Liam, September 2016. I have since decided to refocus my Blog into a wider range of art project ideas, craft ideas, decorating, fashion and just everyday life along with my paintings. I think art can be seen in almost any personal expression. Although I am very interested in painting and art, most of my new focus is life with my little boys. I have been using my blog as my personal outlet and escape from my heavily influenced boy life. I like to have someone to chat with about latest fashion and beautiful things instead of garbage trucks, pipes and electrical cords once in a while.

Since having my boys, I have taken up photography as another little hobby. I have always been a very visual person so I have found quite a bit of joy in telling our adventures with photographs as well as styling cute outfits for myself and the boys. My blog has developed into more of a life story through pictures of our many fun adventures. Moving up to the midwest has opened up way more opportunities for family adventures.

You can contact me at [email protected] for more information on any of the pieces shown, interest in purchasing, interest in commissioning a new piece or interest in collaborating with me on mom style brands.