It’s A Girl!

We were crazy surprised to find out we are having a baby girl this last time around. We all thought baby #3 was another boy which would have still been very exciting. The hubby and I were even trying to figure out boys names! haha. Anyway we are very excited to change things up with a little girl. I have to admit I am a bit sad to no longer be just a boy mom… I feel like I am really good at being a boy mom but girl world will be fun too. I hope I can be as good of a mom with a little girl as I have been with the boys. In all honesty, I am a bit scared I won’t be a good girl mom. But I have been worried about similar things with every baby. Going from two kids to three makes me nervous too. What if I can’t handle it? Just sharing some thoughts with you all. Did you all have similar thoughts too?

Over halfway through this pregnancy and it’s flying by. It still seems so long until we get to meet this little girl but I know it’ll go by so quickly. We have alot to do before she joins us too. We will be doing a big boy room redo as well as decorating a little girls nursery! I can’t wait to get started and share with you all our room updates.

Hope you all enjoyed the pregnancy update. Let me know what baby girl must haves you all have.

Until Next Week,



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