Saving The Planet… One Person At A Time

I have always been a believer in recycling and reducing my waste on this planet. Believe me, it can be super hard. I am by no means perfect and we still create quite a bit of waste but I have been making changes to help reduce the waste we personally use. I would like help make a change in this world and not destroy it more. Recently while at the dolphin show at The Indianapolis Zoo, I was inspired to make more changes in our household. This is a work in progress for us but I wanted to share with you all some great reusable products I have found and maybe even inspire others to reduce, reuse and recycle.

These reusable storage bags work great for snacks and left overs. I need to get some bigger ones, the small ones in this set are really small. They are very easy to wash. These are comparable to a quart sized ziplock bag and these are comparable to a gallon sized ziplock bag… both I am ordering.

These reusable produce bags are a great alternative to the one use super wasteful plastic produce bags at the grocery store. I just throw these in with my reusable shopping bags and bring them along with me to the grocery store. It seems super helpful for me to leave my bags in the back of the car to help me remember them when off to the store. I am having trouble getting into the habit of bringing them but hoping it becomes a regular habit in about a month.

I found this Bees Wax wrap as an alternative to plastic wrap. I was skeptical of this product at first but thought I would give it a try. I just got a small package to see if it would work and I was pleasantly surprised. I def need a larger sheet than what I have now but otherwise it works great and is easy to wash.

I love these reusable straws that we have been using and they are rose gold… bonus cuteness!

These are just my first steps into a minimal waste effort. I promise to share more as I find new ways to help the environment and please share any ideas that your households have found. Hoping to inspire and impact a few more people out there.

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