Summer Bucket List

So I totally wanted to post this last week with the last day of school and all but I have been having a terrible time budgeting time for my blog with everything else going on. The boys and I made a little Summer Bucket List with lots of fun things we wanted to do during summer break this year. I think it is a super fun thing to do with your kiddos.

No pictures… no pictures!
  1. Go swimming at the neighborhood pool.
  2. Spend a day at the Zoo.
  3. Check out the sports complex at the Indy Children’s Museum.
  4. Go to the Monon Center waterpark. (Maybe a few times if its cool.)
  5. Set up some backyard slip n slide fun.
  6. Check out some concerts at Urban Vines.
  7. Check out all the fun 4th of July stuff around here.
  8. Check out some new parks.
  9. Go out our very first family vacation, just the 4 of us! (I am the most excited for this one.)
  10. Evening bike rides to an ice cream shop.
  11. Catch fireflies
  12. Have an outdoor movie night.
  13. Plant a veggie garden.
  14. Hit up the farmers market on weekends.
  15. Make popsicles.
  16. Have a picnic.
  17. Lots of water balloon fights.

I thought they came up with some pretty good ideas. I added some of my own of course too. I hope you all have a wonderful summer break with lots of awesome plans.

Until next week, XOXO


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