We only have a couple more days until we are officially on summer break and finishing our very first year of preschool! I asked the boys what things they wanted to do during summer break and we started a little Summer Bucket List. They are pretty excited. One thing they really wanted to do was to help plant and take care of a little garden… especially growing some pumpkins. So we got some vegetable plants and they helped me plant a little garden. I love that they want to help and learn about things like this.

They did a great job helping dig holes for the plants and of course found many worms along the way. Being a good boy mom, I helped them hold some of the worms.

We planted a couple different kinds of tomato plants. I like to freeze roma tomatoes and use them to make spagetti sauce during the winter. We planted a sweet pepper plant, a pot of lettuce, zucchini, a few strawberry plants, basil, cilantro, jalepenos (for me), and of course a couple pumkin vines. We will see what we can get to grow, or what will survive the boys and the dogs.

Next step will be to put up a little fence to give the little plants a bit of a fighting chance against the boys and the dogs. I’ll let you know how everything turns out!

Until Next Week

XOXO, Sarah

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