How To Design Your Own Beautiful Flower Pots

Spring is officially here and that means everything is turning green and colorful. Everyone is starting to spend more and more time outside enjoying the nice weather. I already got started planting flowers in our deck pots and the front porch. I always spend time making sure they look pretty and go with the outdoor decor. I was thinking while looking at my handy work the other evening that it might be helpful to share some tips on how I design my own pots.

Thriller: I first like to pick a “thriller” type plant. What I mean by this is something that stands out. Usually in the the center of the pot. I usually like to pick something tall and spikey looking.

Spiller: Next, I like too look for a “spiller” type plant. By this, I mean a vine type plant that will grown and spill over the side of the pot. I usually plant these on the sides of the pot and get a couple of them. (depending on the size of your planter pot of course)

Filler: Third, I like to pick some sort of a “filler” plant to fill in around the other main plants. Usually I pick something little or bushy with little plain flowers.

A Pop of Color: And lastly I like to pick a “pop of color” plant. I always like the color to coordinate with the outdoor furniture and outdoor decor. This year I used some dark red geraniums.

This basic formula I have been using since I have had my own house to decorate and I my outdoor plants always look great all summer long. One final tip is to make sure all the plants that you choose like the same amount of sun. You wouldn’t want to plant a shade plant with a bunch of sun loving plants and stick it in a sunny place, only for the shade plant to die quickly. I am totally speaking from experience. I do not have a green thumb and end up killing quite a few plants every year, but I keep trying. I do not know much information about different plants off the top of my head so I spend a little bit of time choosing and reading the plant tags to make sure I have the right plants for the right areas. I hope this helps to inspire your summer outdoor designs!

Until Next Week.

XOXO, Sarah

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