Favorite Kid Snacks

I have been trying to get my kids to eat a bit healthier. My oldest really is a good eater and likes most fruits and veggies so it’s been easy to get him to eat healthy and I never felt guilty giving him sweets or not as healthy snacks. Now my youngest is the world’s pickiest eater. I can barely get him to eat anything but sweets and junk food while veggies are mostly a giant fight to get even a couple bites! What a major challenge for a mom who used to pride herself on healthy eating. Kids def find ways to challenge you!

To get my littlest man to get his servings of veggies and fruit in for each day, I have been searching for snacks and meals with hidden veggies in them or healthier options without him knowing. I thought I would share what I find with you all over this year in my journey to get my picky eater to eat healthy.

This article from The Bump has some good ideas in it for snack time. I tried three of them this week focusing on mostly trying to encourage a healthy afternoon snack.

1.”Cookie Dough Bites”: These were super easy to make and they were a huge hit! All of them were gone in quickly. Although these are just nuts and oats… no veggies, I really like the idea and an easy way to get some healthy protein for snack time.

2. Chocolate Covered Oranges: I thought this would be a great hit and a good way of getting some extra Vitamin C (especially after getting a note from school about how so many kids have gotten sick!) but sadly it was an epic failure. My oldest said the oranges were yucky and my youngest just sucked the chocolate off of them. I ended up eating the rest for breakfast the next day. Btw, they made an excellent breakfast treat!

3. Kid Friendly Smoothie: This seemed like a great tasty treat that they were really excited to help make. Maybe it’s just the excitement of the blender but whatever. But it too was an epic failure. The smoothies were delicious but I think the boys were just extra grumpy this day. I am not rejecting this snack idea but maybe trying again in the summer. Each boy had maybe… MAYBE a sip and told me they liked it and it was yummy, then ran off to play and never drank anymore of them. So who knows.

This weeks healthy snack/eating round up had an amazing 1 of 3 success rate in my house. I hope for better success for any others trying healthier options. Heres to hoping for better results on my next trials… and some Friday wine for mommy.

Until Next Week, XOXO


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