St. Patrick’s Day Finds

This week I thought I would post a few of my favorite St. Patty’s Day finds for you all. All should have plenty of shipping time to get in time for any type of celebrating you might be doing. Check them out!

Love this tee for women. And I must have this one!

Cute Star Wars tee for your toddler boy or girl.

Pullover for the little girl I don’t have. This long sleeve tee for the toddler girl too.

Dad and Mom and Mini shirts ?

How to Catch a Leprechaun book for some reading fun.

How cute is this decoration… and prime eligible! And these pillow case covers for some classy decorating.

And finally, if we were having a St. Patricks Day Party, I would totally have these fun photo props, this cute party set, and some fun party favors for all. Target has some pretty cute party collection as well. Check it out!

Going to make these for the boys. Super easy and they will think they are sooo cool. And this rainbow in a bag version is cool too. And this DIY Shamrock Shake but the real Shamrock Shakes are back now too.

Just a quick post this week. Hoping to inspire some St. Patty’s Day fun for you and me by sharing somethings that are inspiring me right now.

Until Next Week, XOXO


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