January Favorites

After taking a bit of a break from the blog for Christmas and the New Year, I am back. My break ended up a bit longer than expected because last week I got sick and then my husband got sick, and now my son is sick. It’s just the season for sickness and its here in our house for now. I have not gotten around to any new photoshoots or projects this year with everything going on but I wanted to share some of my favorite things I have in my shopping carts right now with you all.

Love these two shirts for Valentine’s Day. I like that they can be worn for more than just Valentine’s Day. XO Sweater/ Striped shirt

Favorite Valentine’s shirts for the kiddos: Boys top / Girls scarf and mittens (can these please be in my size?)/ little boys / dress

Thinking about finally furnishing and finish decorating our living room and I am loving all things Target for this! This couch / this end table / this coffee table/ this end table / this chair / want to try this

Also make sure to check out the sale at Anthropologie this weekend. There are some good stuff but I haven’t gotten a chance to look through it all yet!

I am working on some fun new content for my blog this year. Let me know what you like to see from me. Hopefully one day I will have new living room decor to show you! Until then I am just over here getting used to our new puppy and taking care of everyone else as well.

Until next week, XOXO


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