Five Ways to De-Stress During the Holidays

All the holidays, weeks leading up to Christmas and Christmas vacation itself can end up being quite stressful. As a mom and wife, I am always trying to make everything perfect for everyone else and my to do lists get quite overwhelming. I know I get stressed out about making sure to find the best gifts for everyone while trying to stay on budget. While stressing out about everything I have to do in the next few weeks, I realized I needed to focus on some ways to de-stress and worry less. I was going to take a blogging break to get everything done but wanted to share some de-stressing for the holidays tips. 

  1. Take some time to relax with your favorite show/movie and snack. Its ok to take a time out from the busyness and to just do nothing, tune out and enjoy indulging on a little treat. 

2. YOGA! Not like we have any time to head over to a class, (that would be nice) but I like to de-stress with some yoga videos I find on Youtube. I don’t have any super favorites right now but I usually just search for videos and try different ones. I have heard of Bulldog Yoga classes online and I am thinking about trying them out while visiting relatives over Christmas vacation. A nice yoga session always helps me forget about stresses and forget trying to please everyone.  Let me know if anyone has good online yoga recommendations. 

3. Treat yourself to a nice relaxing bubble bath. Don’t be afraid to go all bubble bath diva with candles, wine and loads of bubbles. I like to use lavender scents when I am stressed out. The lavender seems to help decompress. 

4. Put on some of your favorite tunes and tune out the world. Music always helps me feel less stressed and can help me forget about whatever I am worrying about. If no one is around I love to sing loudly and badly. haha (Bonus points: Turn on some music during your diva bubble bath!)

5. Go ahead and treat yourself with that gift you are pretty sure no one will get for you. It will make you happy and sometimes you just need to forget about making others happy and worry about making yourself happy. 

Hope you all take some time for yourself and enjoy the wonderful Christmas season. Remember what it is really all about and try to focus on that instead of if everyone will like what you spent so much time trying to find for them.

Merry Christmas! Until next week, XOXO.


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