Movie Night

I wanted to share this fun family night idea with you all. We decided to have a family movie night every once in a while for a different family time. Disney movies and popcorn was pretty much all we needed. The boys really loved the idea and thought it was something special. 

We inflated an air mattress and put it in the middle of our L-shaped couch to make one giant comfy couch bed thing. Then the boys and I put all of our favorite blankies, stuffed animals, fluffy pillows and any other fluffy comfy things we wanted to cuddle with on it. 

Skinny popcorn is one of our favorites! 

Finally just added some popcorn, Gatorade and a favorited Disney movie. First movie night I made them watch Frozen (they actually weren’t crazy about it) but we tried another movie a couple weeks later and they loved Toy Story! 

Matching Burt’s Bees Pajamas 

Giant Bear

I hope you all remember that family is the most important part of the Holidays ahead. Plan a little movie night, take everyone out or do whatever sounds fun to your family as long as you make time to do something special with the people that are special to you! ???

Until next week, XOXO – Sarah 

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