Family Pictures: 2018

A few weeks ago I made my boys dress in family picture worthy outfits and head over to the Monon Trail to take our annual family pictures. I like to get at least one nice one to put in our family picture gallery every year. The boys change and grow so fast that it’s nice to have an updated picture. I did not get alot of smiles this year and we went just about a week before the trees really changed into beautiful fall colors but I am still happy with what I got. Originally, I wanted to take some pictures in September by our lake with the pretty wild flowers as a background but literally the day before I got everyone organized for pictures, the wildflowers got mowed down! haha oh well. I will be way better organized and prepared next year. Plenty more family photo opportunities ahead for us. 

So handsome!! ?
And he’s still a cuties even though his tongue was stuck out in almost every picture. ??
Mom and Dad ??
I may have given them their candy reward for taking pictures too early. ?

I just love these little boys and can’t believe how much they have grown! Here are last year’s similar family pictures

I am excited to start working on some fun Holiday and Christmas posts after Thanksgiving. After we get our Christmas tree up  (def not until after Thanksgiving) I will have some fun Holiday content for you all, so stay tuned! 

Until next week, XOXO ~ Sarah

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