Matching Camo

Camouflage for fall and winter this year?… yes please! I have really been feeling all the camo sweaters out for this fall already. And then I couldn’t resist getting similar shirts for the boys too. I wanted similar but not the same shirts for us all and there was no shortage of them in the stores right now.  And incase you were wondering… It was like 80 degrees when we shot this. So ready for cooler temps! IMG_4218-2IMG_4220IMG_4226IMG_4245IMG_4247IMG_4250-2IMG_4263IMG_4264Here’s some real life photo moments that I just had to throw in from our little shoot.

IMG_4283And a couple more because even ice cream or candy shop bribe doesn’t always work.

But they are just too cute.IMG_4291IMG_4292My shirt / cute camo jacket / Liam’s shirt / Jake’s shirtIf I had a girl / another boys shirt / For Dad

Hope you all have/ are having a wonderful weekend. (Since I’m late on my normal posting.) I am exciting for all my upcoming content to share with you all! I have some great stuff in the works! Until next week, XOXO.

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