DIY: Balloon Arch

Last weekend we threw a 70th birthday party for my mother-in-law. It was a pretty laid back party but I wanted to make some cool decorations. I have never made a balloon arch/ decoration before, so I had no idea what would go into it when I decided it would look really cute in our living room for the party.

I did a little reading on DIY balloon arches before I started gathering my supplies. First, was this balloon pump  from amazon. (of course I ordered the pink pump 😉 ) It takes no time at all to blow up the balloons, which made this whole project way easier and quicker than I ever thought it would be. Before inflating any balloons, I used chicken wire to create a grid for hanging the balloons on. I attached it to the wall where I wanted the arch with command hooks. 20180817_134537-2It does not look pretty at stage 1. I used wire cutters to cut the chicken wire to the size I wanted and then taped the sharp edges with duct tape for safety reasons and not wanting to pop the balloons. (of course I used pink duct tape 😉 )

Next is time to inflate all your balloons. You will want to inflate the balloons all different sizes when inflating them. I used string to tie the inflated balloons together in clumps of three. I just sort of blew up five or six at a time of each color I wanted and then tied them and attached them with the same string to the arch until I had the desired look. I took smaller balloon and just taped them to other balloons with clear gorilla tape. This helps fill in places and gives it a fuller look. IMG_3925IMG_3924Here you can see the balloons and floral pieces attached to the chicken wire frame. IMG_3923IMG_3926IMG_3927Using the gorilla tape in some places, I attached some matching floral pieces. You can attach pieces with longer stems directly to the chicken wire frame as well. I used some of these pieces to fill in holes or cover places where the wire frame might be showing. 20180817_174847-2Then I took a selfie because I was super proud of my balloon arch! Don’t forget your selfie! hahaIMG_3920IMG_3937IMG_3931

Make sure to share with me how your ballon arches turn out! They are just the cutest! Until next week, XOXO!

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