Back to School with Kohl’s

Hello August! Not sure where this summer has gone this year. Now we are getting ready to go back to school. Most everyone is right now getting ready to go back to school or already has had their first day. We are getting ready for our very first day of school ever! Just 2 more weeks until my little boy starts preschool. We already did alot of our back to school shopping. Jake outgrew his shoes and jeans again of course… life with growing boys! Thankfully for us, Kohl’s has great selection of kids clothing and so affordable when they are outgrowing everything so quickly. I wanted to share a couple looks I picked out for the boys from Kohl’s for Back To School. IMG_3495IMG_3502IMG_3520^Coxhall Children’s Garden has the coolest little play town. We just love playing here.^IMG_3506IMG_3509As soon as we got to the park for our mini photo shoot, Jake went full front wipe out in a mud puddle. Such real life! And these clothes wash great… no stains at all. IMG_3538IMG_3510IMG_3516IMG_3512IMG_3518IMG_3513IMG_3523IMG_3527IMG_3529Jake’s shirt / Jake’s jeans / Liam’s top / Liam’s jeans / Jake’s shoes

Besides nice school clothes, one of our back to school musts is ATHLETIC wear for the whole family! We are always active and these are so durable for all our activities this school year. Even treated myself.IMG_3546IMG_3557IMG_3567IMG_3571IMG_3588IMG_3608IMG_3616IMG_3631IMG_3669Jake’s shirt / Jake’s shorts / Liam’s shirt / Liam’s shorts / My athletic leggings / My tank top

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and easy back to school transitions. I know I will probably be the mom with tears in my eyes on Jake’s first day.

Until next week, XOXO.

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