Summer Wonderland: Spectacular Creatures

I absolutely love being able to take my boys to see unique attractions for fun enriching activities. Indianapolis has no shortage of these things and most of them are geared towards kids or families. I love the exhibits at Newfields in Indianapolis. I know that an art museum may seem like something little boys might not enjoy, and I agree, but Newfields has a huge range of different exhibits for everyone. I had been wanting to go see the Summer Wonderland: Spectacular Creatures exhibit as soon as I had heard about it. It has been running all summer and will continue to be on display until the end of August so plenty of time to make a date to check it out. Here are some of my favorite pictures from our little mother/son adventure date. Enjoy!20180725_105659-2IMG_3164IMG_3166IMG_3191IMG_3193IMG_3200I absolutely loved these wolves. They are so cool!IMG_3241IMG_3247IMG_3273IMG_3275IMG_3248IMG_3276IMG_3277IMG_3298IMG_3300IMG_3301IMG_3359^We had a little picnic lunch… Cheers to PB&J!^20180725_121046-2IMG_3372IMG_338220180725_114539-2The gardens were just beautiful! 20180725_113627-3



Meerkat Love!20180725_113425-2And finally ending with a mini photo series of trying to get a pictures with myself and both boys together…cooperating nicely… haha! I am delusional sometimes!IMG_3472IMG_3485IMG_3489Anyway… way photo overload today but we had so much fun and just loved all the animals in the exhibit. I hope you can get a chance to check it out if you are in the Indy area. Summer Wonderland: Spectacular Creatures and Cracking Art.

Have a wonderful weekend! XOXO

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