4th Of July

Just a quick post about some fun 4th of July treats I made for my big and little boys this week, as well as some flashbacks to years past ideas. IMG_20180626_193134_232I made this delicious strawberry pie! Picture perfect and delicious. I used this strawberry pie recipe I found. Simple and delicious.

I made some fun star shaped cut out watermelon pieces and banana firecrackers for snack time. I saw these banana firecrackers on pinterest for my inspiration. It def did not turn out pinterest perfect but it was a fun little project. 20180627_14442220180627_16075120180627_160811

I also found this fun drink recipe on pinterest that I thought I would try. Easy and delicious! You can easily leave out the alcohol to make it preggers or kid friendly which is always nice options to have. 20180628_14034620180628_140423Check out this past 4th of July post and this one for some more fun food and drink ideas I have tried before too!

What are your plans to celebrate? Hope you all have a wonderful weekend no matter how you spend the holiday. And make sure to have a fun and safe Fourth of July holiday! Until next week, XOXO.

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