Pink Hair!

Last weekend we went to the Indy Pride Parade with some friends. It was such a blast! I think the boys ate candy for 1.5 hours straight. We had to leave before we saw the end but it was pretty hot and little boys can only pay attention so long. I was so happy to be able to show support for some of my best friends and so many others out there. Loving each other no matter race, religion, sexual preference, political views, how you raise your children, what mistakes they have made and soooo much more really is important. Love wins really can take on soo much more meaning too. Love should always win.


Anyway, I have always wanted to dye the ends of my hair pink just because I love the color pink and I have always thought it looks so cool. But sadly I never had to nerve to do it. A month or so ago, I learned about this new product from Kristin Ess.

Kristin Ess Rose Gold Temporary Tint IMG_2689IMG_2692

This is super cool because I don’t have to make a long term pink hair commitment, it washes out in 3 washes, (maybe a few more for my hair) and it smells AMAZING. And if you need more of a sign to try it, it is only $12 a bottle. I was initially worried it would be hard to use and I might end up looking terrible. (I have not idea about doing hair) That was why after buying it, it took me a month to decide to try it out. It was super easy to use, right in the shower, I just followed the directions. IMG_2572IMG_2590IMG_2597IMG_2600IMG_2621IMG_2626IMG_2644IMG_2655IMG_2657IMG_2675shirt sold out but similar herehereherehereshorts / sandals / purse is sold out but super affordable version here

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Until next week, XOXO! And if you are enjoying my posts and pictures, make sure to follow my blog and instagram !

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