A Slightly New Blog!

As you all can now see, I did a bit of a new/updated layout to my blog. And to my new readers, welcome and I hope you enjoy! Since starting this blog, my focus has changed so many different times… like trying to find my own identity. So hard sometimes. But I created this blog as a little outlet to share my creative side. While writing different posts, I found that I really enjoy telling and sharing through pictures rather than tons of words. I have also had some wonderful positive responses about different outfits I am wearing and friends seeking advice on what to wear. I have always loved fashion and clothing. I thought I would continue to evolve my blog to include more fashion and help give me a little fun outlet for sharing my love of clothing while I am here in boy land. 🙂 I still plan on including art and crafting but I personally believe art can be shown in sooo many different ways. Putting together a cute outfit, finding a cool place to take some pics and putting it all together in a fun little post is just as enjoyable as painting a picture to me.

I found this cute dress at Target (super affordable and great for so many occasions) and wanted to share it with you all! You can totally wear a normal bra with this dress but I did not wear one at all. You don’t have to worry about anything falling out while chasing little people around which is a mom necessity. I also love that it has pockets for holding things the kids bring you… wrappers, kleenex, toys, rocks… maybe thats just my boys.  IMG_0756IMG_0776IMG_0785IMG_0803IMG_0839IMG_0762-2IMG_0786

This dress super similar dress (with smaller straps)/ shoes bag (total designer copy for less!) I am hoping to find cute styles for moms who just feel like they are wearing leggings everyday and are out of mommy go to ideas. Easy and cute!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the new direction of my blog! Until next week, XOXO!

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