Another Year… Another Birthday

The past couple weeks we have had lots of visitors! It was so much fun having my cousins from Sweden visiting for a few days. Jake just loved playing with the big kids and keeping up with them. And having my mom and dad with us is always nice. They are the best at helping out around the house with things I need to get done. That being said…it has been the opposite of picture perfect down here. Nothing like getting another year older and having a bad week at the same time to make your own birthday forgotten and not special anymore. But when things are stressful and bad I am working on being more positive about life this year. Things might not be exactly how I have pictured them in my mind but I am going to focus on the good.

I am happy to have 2 amazing unique active little boys.

I am happy to have a wonderful family that I love so much.

I am happy to have such great friends chat with about everything from hair styles to baby poop.

Three good things each week with my posts.

Today in particular, I was very happy to watch Jake climb trees in the yard. We ended up doing a mini photo shoot because he was being just so darn cute. I can’t help it.2017-01-24-16-23-442017-01-26-11-06-312017-01-26-11-07-00-22017-01-26-11-07-37-22017-01-26-11-08-082017-01-26-11-08-232017-01-26-11-10-462017-01-26-11-22-302017-01-26-11-23-302017-01-26-17-00-052017-01-26-17-00-152017-01-26-17-00-312017-01-26-17-13-36-22017-01-26-17-14-58

And finally, after hives…passing out at the doctor…sick Jake… broken kitchen sink… super long working hours hubby… failed birthday cake and dinner (that I made for myself. What a major disappointment)…no wine until I finish my prescription… blah blah blah. I am happy to have a mommy that was here to help out for an extra week AND get me a Starbucks gift card for my birthday present. Oh! has it been delicious already!

Until next week…XOXO. Here’s to a more positive 2017.

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