Welcome to the World Baby Liam

liam-2September 2, 2016 we welcomed our newest little Pigott into the world. Life is definitely a whole new kind of chaos now. The first night home with a newborn was a little overwhelming. It is crazy how quickly you forget about newborn babies. Now that we have had a few more days to adjust, it is getting much more manageable. Not easy by any means, but manageable.

My water broke around 4:47am on Friday morning. (I had looked at the clock when I got up to pee/check all the noise from the wind of hurricane Hermine) At first I wasn’t sure, but after a couple minutes I was pretty certain. Liam was born just a few hours later at 8:37 am. I am proud of myself being able to have another natural, no epidural birth. So now we are officially a family of four with our newest addition, Liam Schuyler, born during hurricane Hermine.

Here are just a few cell phone snaps I have taken. Working on doing my own newborn photos and editing now. I will share as soon as I finish, which might be longer than normal.


Our first official family of four photo. Not my best outfit (hospital gown; yucky!) but I love this picture.


And finally getting outside for some fresh air and playing with my TWO little boys! Trying to take in these little moments and bond with my new little man, while still making Big Brother feel special and not neglected is quite a big job. I am just hoping I am being the best mom I can be for my perfect little boys. Embracing my new level of chaotic life and loving it. Please send massive amounts of caffeine! Until next week, XOXO.

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