38 Weeks

I never thought I would make it this long when comparing to my first pregnancy. I am soooo ready to be done being pregnant now. I am so big, I feel as if I can barely do anything. It seems to be very true that each pregnancy is very different. That I am learning for sure! The saddest pregnancy symptom that has developed this week; I can no longer wear my wedding rings. With our 5 year Anniversary this weekend, it seems to make me extra sad about it. My fingers never swelled with my first pregnancy, so this is a new thing for me to experience. Mostly sad. Craving sweets like crazy but trying so hard to be healthy. It is tough!

My 38 week bump pictures.

38 weeks-438 weeks-538 weeks-1

Jake man is so much more photogenic than me! Lucky boy! Meanwhile we are doing alot of inside games and riding out the tropical storm down here. I wish it would just cool off! At least I can wear fall clothes since we are inside all day; they seem to fit my giant belly way better than summer clothes.

Until next week, XOXO

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