36 Weeks

Wednesday was my 36 week along mark. I am hoping and praying to make it until next Wednesday before going into labor. I will just feel so much more at ease knowing we have made it full term. I have been having quite alot of Braxton Hicks this past week and at my Doctor’s appointment this morning I was just about 3 cm dilated. Plus I promised my boys and my sister, who is here helping me out for a while, that I would bake a delicious cake if we make it to 37 weeks. I think everyone wants some cake! Meantime, I have my hospital bag packed and ready to go, a new pediatrician found, most of the newborn stuff organized and dug out of storage, and maternity pictures taken. I did my own pictures, so they are not edited yet but I am working on that as I type this blog post. Here are my weekly bump pictures…


SOOO giant I feel! Forget sushi and lunch meat this time, I cannot wait to have a cold Corona with a fresh lime and a glass of wine as well as some Champagne. Judge me if you must but I’ve missed those the most this time around.


A little throw back to the last baby bump easel picture I took with Jake.


Meanwhile, we have contractors out doing some work on our house which of course is adding to all the chaos of our lives. Nothing like keeping everyone on their toes.

Until next week, XOXO!

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