Engagement Photoshoot: St. Pete Beach, Florida

A couple months ago, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to photograph one of my best friends and her fiance. They came down to Tampa to visit and we took a girls day to go on a dolphin cruise and explore St. Petersburg, Florida. I was a little worried when it started raining and looked very cloudy, but just around sunset, the clouds gave way to the sun and we got some beautiful pictures! I am super happy how they turned out. I was nervous at first since I have just been taking pictures for myself as a hobby, so I had put alot of pressure on myself to get perfect photos for my bff and her soon to be wifey!

I am counting down the days to go celebrate their wedding and love for each other now. It is quite easy to see from the photographs how much they love each other. These are my favorites from the shoot.


I hope you guys enjoyed seeing these photographs as much as I enjoyed shooting and editing them for this wonderful couple! I know they will be blessed with many years of love and fun ahead. Love you tons Amanda and Danielle!

Until next week, XOXO!

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