Back from Summer Vacation

Originally, I was going to continue to write some blog posts while off on vacation visiting family, but with all plans, that did not happen as I thought it would. We had a great time seeing so many friends and family over the past three weeks. Three weeks seems like a long time but was still not enough time to fit everyone in that we would have liked to see. The last week we were visiting, Jake got pretty sick and we even had to take a trip to the ER. That pretty much took the whole week to get him feeling better again. We had lots of cuddle time and Paw Patrol watching. It just about broke my heart in two seeing him so sick. It was the most sick he has ever been.

Even though it was really hard, I snapped this picture while we were in the ER. Very precious.

2016-07-21 02.10.35

Yes we piled a toddler, Emma dog and a trunk of stuff in the Tahoe for a TWO day car ride! Yikes! They did good though.

2016-07-01 08.47.31-2

Here are a few of my favorite vacation shots. Mostly of Jake of course…

Fireworks for the 4th of July at Arlington Park Race Track. A very fun activity for kids and families if you are in the area.

awesome parents

2016-07-03 16.50.512016-07-03 17.18.072016-07-03 17.54.542016-07-06 17.32.29-12016-07-07 11.13.29-1

A few snaps from an afternoon with a good friend at Kohl Children’s Museum. It was another great place for my little man to run around and explore. He just loved it. I enjoyed him playing doctor. Way to cute!

2016-07-08 11.08.292016-07-08 11.12.162016-07-08 11.15.03-12016-07-08 12.25.34-12016-07-08 20.39.312016-07-08 20.39.57

Learning about golfing from Grandma!

2016-07-08 17.49.312016-07-09 00.23.422016-07-09 00.25.33

A fun weekend at Lake Shafer.

2016-07-10 15.16.082016-07-10 15.16.102016-07-10 15.19.392016-07-10 21.33.25

Some fun in Kokomo Indiana.

2016-07-12 16.05.43-12016-07-15 10.45.142016-07-15 11.02.562016-07-15 11.03.112016-07-16 14.15.582016-07-16 14.16.00

Now that we are back home, it has been alot of work to get back to our normal schedule. On top of the travel recovery, I have now started extreme nesting. We have a closet to redo, crib to set up, new craft/decorating projects to finish, maternity pictures to take, hospital bag to pack…etc!! It seems like sooooo much right now. Meanwhile, I can’t believe in a few short weeks I will be a mother of TWO little boys! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about how I can take care of two children. It seemed like a good idea 9 months ago! :0

2016-07-27 19.12.25

Hello little brother!

Until next week, XOXO!

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