26 Weeks

26 Week Baby Bump picture time! I am still craving hot dogs and ice cream but thats pretty much it. It’s crazy hot down here in Florida so no clothing seems comfortable or fashionable. I have been having Braxton Hicks contractions for a while now. The worst pregnancy symptom I seem to suffer from is heart burn. I seem to get it whenever I eat anything. I cannot complain about anything else. I have been explaining to Jake about his little brother but I am not sure if he has any idea still.


And one out take because we usually have to take quite a few pictures to get a couple nice ones. Plus it is funny picture.


Last weekend we traveled up to Bloomington Indiana for a family wedding and stayed with my sister. It was just a wonderful time and Jake did the best job ever on the plane. Thank goodness!! It really made me miss Indiana a ton. I wanted to share this picture of my son and his Auntie Annie because I love it. We tried a family picture too but Jake was having none of it. The lighting from the window and my sister’s white couch made for a perfect picture setting. But you can only get so far without cooperative subjects. haha

Auntie Annie2016-06-04 17.57.29

Until next week, XOXO.

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