Sandbox Project

We decided to build Jake a sandbox this past weekend. My only request was to have a sun shade over it so Jake and I would not get sun burnt or sun poisoning. My husband did a wonderful job planning it out and building it. I was not too much help with this project this time. First we went to get supplies. Jake was helping every step of the way.

2016-05-28 10.04.392016-05-28 10.04.532016-05-28 10.05.442016-05-28 10.06.25

Next, the hubby put up the sun shade. I wanted to make sure the sandbox was in the shade during the most intense sun of the day. Having the sun shade up would let us see where the shadows fell when putting the box down.

Jake was really into helping use the tools.

2016-05-28 13.27.452016-05-28 13.27.50IMG_5246

The sun shade turned out PERFECT!!

IMG_5196IMG_5193IMG_5185IMG_5184IMG_51812016-05-28 15.45.402016-05-28 15.44.59

Then it was time to build the box itself.


We put wire on the bottom to keep gophers from digging up into the sandbox. We have a lot of gophers in our yard!IMG_5256

Next, we filled it with lots and lots of sand! That was a hard job!


And we put mulch around the box.


2016-05-30 10.31.50

After that, I requested some little seats on the sides for people to sit on when building and constructing sand works of art.

2016-05-30 11.16.582016-05-30 11.18.122016-05-30 11.19.48IMG_5283IMG_5291

Now its the fun part!! TIME TO PLAY!!

IMG_5288IMG_5281IMG_5276IMG_5271IMG_52692016-05-31 12.37.102016-05-30 11.16.002016-05-30 10.49.432016-05-30 10.40.232016-05-30 10.39.532016-05-30 10.39.132016-05-30 10.35.56


Time to relax with momma!2016-05-30 17.09.14

There were more detailed measuring, sawing and measuring again steps of course but I took the backseat on this project. The hubby did a wonderful job! I was the project photographer and assistant. I hope you enjoyed reading about our weekend project! Stay tuned for more exciting weekend projects. Until next week, XOXO.

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