20 and 22 Week Bump Pics

Time to get caught up on my biweekly bump pics. I have been taking them, just not getting them posted. This Wednesday I am at 23 weeks along. My bump has really started popping out and boy do I feel like I am way huge this time around! One major maternity complaint too… having a 2nd pregnancy really limits the maternity clothing market. Dresses and anything white is not conducive to wear while chasing around a messy toddler. Florida is super hot also and alot of times leggings and jeans are just too hot! Even capris! There is a serious lack of cute clothing for the 2nd time around mother who lives in a hot and humid climate. I may just live out the rest of the pregnancy in my swimsuit, in the pool! I’ll keep up my search and share any cute hot weather maternity clothing I might find.

At 23 Weeks I am still craving Chicago style hot dogs. Baby is moving quite alot everyday. Working on planning the new layout of the nursery for both boys along with some new fun art projects for the boy’s room. I can’t wait!


And last weeks pics…


Until next week, XOXO!

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