18 Weeks

At 18 weeks, I am feeling pretty good still. Craving a nice big Chicago style hot dog and a chocolate cake shake from Portillo’s. Luckily, they just opened a Portillo’s in Brandon Florida. I just need the hubby to take me asap! I’d also really love a nice big glass of wine but that’ll have to wait for quite a while still. We have just under 2 weeks until we find out the gender now. I am getting very excited. I have been deciding if we should find out at the ultrasound or do a fun surprise gender reveal cake. I am leaning towards the cake but I don’t know if I can wait. I have been feeling some movement the past couple weeks. I love to feel the baby move.



Every week has it’s challenges. This past week I have been feeling quite inadequate as a stay at home mother. It always seems that there are people out in the world that try to make each other feel like they are doing the wrong thing. What if my children are not as socialized because they didn’t go to daycare? What if it makes them behind in school and they are not as smart? Does everyone look down on me for staying at home? Does everyone think I am lazy? Then I realize the only people that matter, is what Jake and his future brother or sister think. And no matter what we do I know he’s happy when he gives me big kisses everyday. And that is all that matters. So we will keep on doing what we do and be happy.

Until next week, XOXO.

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