Time For A Toddler Bed

On Monday this week, after nap time, my crazy man learned to climb out of his crib. I swear this kid can climb anything! I was right there, thank goodness. He landed quite hard but was totally fine. Our baby cam captured it for us. OH BOY!

So we decided to try out a toddler bed. We got a 4-in-1 convertible bed, and I am so happy with our choice. Not only did we need it so soon but it was easy to convert. Here is the bed in white on Amazon.

Logan 4-in-1 Crib

I was super worried that the freedom with the new toddler bed would cause less sleep for everyone. I am excited that I was wrong. He loves the new big kid bed and lays right down at bedtime. He hasn’t gotten up early all week either! We have actually been sleeping in!! He has a little bit of trouble when it is nap time and cries at the baby gate for about 5 minutes everyday but then goes into his bed and falls asleep. I cannot complain! I am SO proud of him! I did make him snap a few pictures the other day in his big kid bed and of course Emma dog had to join.

IMG_4169IMG_4175IMG_4177IMG_4178IMG_4180IMG_4182IMG_4187IMG_4188^His favorite stuffed animal, Donut the dog.^


In other news… this week, I am officially 15 weeks along with Baby #2! It seems to be flying by so far. I am still in most of my regular clothes. I had to use the extender on a couple of my pants this week. Some days I really think I am showing way more than with Jake, but other days I think I am still looking not pregnant. I seem to have gotten more energy back which is awesome. Craving candy like crazy and Jimmy Johns, which is the same as with Jake man. I’d also love some Mad Mushroom Cheese Sticks randomly but not all the time and unfortunately that is only back in Indiana. It has been tough keeping up with my bi-weekly bump pics this time but I am making a point to continue to do it. I know I’ll be happy I did.

12 and 14 week bump pics to catch up!

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend with family and friends! We took advantage of this rainy Good Friday to make Easter breakfast rolls for the weekend! We are both covered in flour!! Until next week…XOXO

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