I am finally back!

I know I have been MIA for the past month or so, but I do have a very good reason why.


Yes, we are having another baby and we are super excited! Although this first trimester has really put a stop to any of my own personal hobbies and activities. I cannot complain too much since I have not been sick but I did get a horrible cold for a week. I also know that I was pretty tired the first trimester with my little Jake man but boy, I do not remember being THIS tired! Maybe it is because last pregnancy I wasn’t chasing around a super active wild man toddler. Anyway, I seem to be gaining back some of the energy I have not had the past few months now. I have gotten back on my craft projects and painting, and even finished redoing a kitchen set for Jake.


Big Brother to be… really doesn’t like to have anything in his wagon including a balloon.


We didn’t want to leave Emma dog out of our announcement but we learned she is TERRIFIED of balloons.

I have started doing my easel baby bump pictures again this pregnancy. This is the first set from a few weeks ago. It is for sure harder to find the time to take them with my little “helper”. Not my most flattering picture here but I wanted to make sure I got that week taken before it was too late.


Until next week (for real this time), XOXO.

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