Halloween Weekend

We had a very busy Halloween weekend. It was Jake’s very first time going Trick-or-Treating and I think he had a great time. I just wanted to share a few snaps from our weekend. It was so weird carving the pumpkin and reaching inside to find a warm middle. I guess that is a small detail that is different in the warm warm warm Florida climate. I thought Jake would be super into the slimy pumpkin guts since he loves dirty things like mud, but he was not amused. I was able to get a couple cute pictures, but don’t be fooled; he hated it!

carving carving2

We had gotten two pumpkins to carve but one of them got rotten before we even got a chance to carve them. Sooooo, I decided to carve a PINEAPPLE! We are in a tropical climate so it seemed fitting to me. carving3 carving4 carving5

I thought they turned out cute.

Jake and I also made some Halloween Pumpkin Patch treats for Saturday. Jake really likes helping cook. 😉carving6  carving8

Here is the super simple recipe. I just added pumpkins instead of worms on them.

Dirt Cups

I was pretty excited about our Halloween costumes this year. Jake was a super cute Hobbit!

carving7carving10 carving9

That was the best family picture we could get. It isn’t the best but I am glad we got one!

2015-10-31 18.38.08

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween weekend. Until later this week, XOXO!

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