Daily Parade

Since Jake has gotten big enough to use his Baby Walker, it is a daily parade around here. It, by far, makes my life a bit easier. He just drives around from room to room with me in the morning “helping” me do chores. It is one of the cutes things. What makes it even cuter is that we make a giant parade throughout the house. Usually, Emma dog starts it and then there is Jake right after her. He has to follow her everywhere. She is going to be one worn out doggy when he starts crawling and walking! Then, next in the parade is me following both of them and finally behind me saunters Tiny cat.

2015-05-28 13.30.16

2015-05-28 13.30.18

2015-05-28 13.30.37

2015-05-28 13.31.39

2015-05-28 13.32.41

2015-05-28 13.32.51

2015-05-29 08.51.38

^”Helping” with the dishes.^

A couple weeks ago we took Jake man to his first Baseball game. I took this picture with my phone but it was such a cool photo I wanted to share. He loved it!

2015-05-23 16.00.03

 Until next week, XOXO.

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