New Paint Experiment

Finally, a completed new piece!

2015-04-23 13.18.25

2015-04-23 13.18.54

2015-04-23 13.19.24

2015-04-23 13.19.55

2015-04-23 13.22.11

2015-04-23 13.22.01

2015-04-23 13.20.10

2015-04-23 13.21.23

An 8 x 10 inch Prisme Fantasy Paint by Pebeo on canvas with gold leaf. The frame is an antique finished golden 3 1/2 inch wide wooden frame. This painting is one of my smaller pieces because I wanted to test out some new paint colors. I usually do a test piece on smaller canvases incase they do not turn out how I envision. I really enjoy the colors and flow of this one. It turned out just as I envisioned. As you can see from some of the close up photos, the paint has added some really interesting textures to the piece. I love playing with textures.

I’ll call it a new paint experiment success! Now to the next piece!

Until next week, XOXO.

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