BOWtique kitTIE

My best friend from high school (we have been friends for a long, long time now) just opened a new Etsy shop!


^ One of my favorite pictures of us at Clearwater Beach, Florida this past summer. ^

She makes the cutest bow ties for cats, dogs and any pet you’d like if you just ask. They range from cute everyday bow ties to special holiday and birthday bow ties. She recently made some for my beautiful Tiny cat and Emma dog.

Of course, Tiny Cat never cooperates for a picture but Emma is a great dog model. bowtiquekittie2


Her Etsy shop is called BOWtiquekitTIE! Sooooo cute!!

Make sure to go check it out. Every pet needs at least a Birthday Bow Tie for sure!

Here are a couple pictures of her two adorable cats sporting some BOWtiquekitTIE Bow Ties!

Gashee and Gizmo (@gasheethecat_gizmothebrat) • Instagram photos and videos

Gashee and Gizmo2 (@gasheethecat_gizmothebrat) • Instagram photos and videos

I was trying to get a picture of Tiny cat wearing his bow tie last night and he just was not having it, so Jacob volunteered to model.


^ Cute accessory for babies too! ^

~Until next week XOXO~

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