Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s Day, Jake did his very first craft/art project. (with a little help from mommy, of course) I wanted to make something for his grandparents from some cute ideas I had seen on pinterest. I decided to make a card with baby footprints and a cute picture to mail to his grandparents since they are all far away.


^I covered him in kisses with one of my favorite lip colors^

He will probably be very embarrassed by this one day. We had a few other takes but I liked this one with him grabbing his knees best.


I then dipped his feet in some washable nontoxic paint. He really enjoyed this and kept squeezing his toes in the paint, so we got plenty of paint on each foot no problem. I stategically placed the footprints to look like a heart.

valentines day

valentines day2

I hope everyone enjoys their Valentine’s Day cards, and everyone else has a great Valentine’s Day weekend! muah!

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